3D Design Search Engine

Custom search engine where users are able to explore the available collection of 3D design models and projects using different approaches.

Client's goal

Provide the scope reps with the tool for the project management to be able to go through created designs simply and quickly.


Specific search engine for a social networking web app created for 3D artists and designers that enables different types of search within the set database containing 50,000+ 3D shapes, models, etc. and namely:

  • by uploading a model in 3D format (e.g. STL, PLY or SCAD format);
  • by using keywords (text);
  • by using a combination of both.

Based on a 3D shape comparison algorithm, the search engine returns ranked results based on the similarity between the uploaded and existing designs.


The implemented visual data retrieval system became an integral part of the existing solution and allowed it to get closer to the level of meeting customer expectations for the product.


Desktop Screenshots


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