3D Print Price Calculator

Etba3ly is an eCommerce pricing calculator for 3D printing services.

Client's goal

To enable online price estimation for the potential customers and improve online store conversions.


Custom web app that presents itself a price calculator for 3D objects integrated into an existing eCommerce platform. The user can upload .STL or another 3D format project for volume analysis of a potential order. The implemented algorithm using specific formulas gives out a real printing price.

The solution comes with a 3D viewer with features that enable adding shadows and changing colors. It’s created to give customers the ability to make small changes that can affect price definition without excessive efforts.


Custom solution integration allowed the client to attract new customers giving more visibility to pricing politics and saving time on contacting support lines.

The step was also beneficial for the internal workflow by freeing up more time to focus on other aspects of customer experience. It also positively reflected on the platform conversions and bounce rates.


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