Crypto Games Platform

Online gaming platform that gives users the ability to earn cryptocurrency by enjoying playing old-school arcades. is an online multiplayer arcade machine where players can indulge in playing old-school video games against their peers. It is built from the ground up to support multiplayer games from day one.

Client's goal

Provide eager crypto earners with the possibility to move to their goal by having fun playing favorite games.


Web application offering old-school arcade games with a rewarding system enabling them to earn Ethereum after a small deposit into an app gamer wallet. A player is able to transfer ETH from their own wallet or use a starter bonus.


Currently, the application is in production and many users are able to join a fun cryptocurrency hunt on their own or with friends. Additionally, our games are developed with an HTML5 game framework, to support Desktop, Tablet, and Mobile game experiences. All Games are instant and played at the tap of a button without the need for download!

Cryptogames platform

Desktop Screenshots

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Cryptogames platform5da98621d643b34419fb3e1b
Cryptogames platform5da98621d643b34419fb3e1a
Cryptogames platform5da98621d643b34419fb3e19
Cryptogames platform5da98621d643b34419fb3e18
Cryptogames platform5da98621d643b34419fb3e1b

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