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Online tool that allows turning text into custom videos. is a leading text-to-video platform that allows you to build customized AI videos with a presenter using only text. A simple click is all it takes to generate a video with 69 languages available for translation.

Client's goal

To simplify video content generation for the marketing, sales, HR, educational and other scopes. You do not need expensive equipment and software anymore. Our platform allows you to transform text to video presentations led by an AI-powered interactive presenter.


AI tool that allows transforming text to video presentations led by an interactive presenter using a variety of templates. It comes with localization and a user-friendly video editor to enable the creation of tailor-made content.


The startup has confidently entered the market to solve actual challenges that became more vivid due to pandemic restrictions. is a deep-tech startup company, a global team of AI technology devotees. We are dreamers led by our users’ needs and design-driven approach. Since the very beginning, has been more than just about advanced AI technology. Our solution is a tool that can and does facilitate our lives – and this is what drives us.


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