Custom ERP System

Multi-module system created for better distribution of business resources and improvement of workforce and overall operational efficiency and productivity.

Client's goal

Company growth and KPI improvement through bringing in business intelligence and workflow optimization through reconsideration and automation of the processes.


Complex scalable ERP system that originally consists of five interconnected management systems and namely:

  • Admin Panel to create different access levels to the processed data.
  • Workforce to manage and analyze performance of the firm employees.
  • Training to schedule and maintain talent acquisition events.
  • Invoicing to handle and store records of all operational transactions.
  • Reporting to provide business financial analytics for C-suite.

Each module has specific features implemented in accordance with company workflow specifics and basics required for the proper operation of the solution like access levels, tracking and notification systems, etc.


The company was able to improve strategic planning and productivity by bringing enterprise resource planning into the digital space. It allowed accelerating business growth and development in the necessary directions.


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