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Progresify is cloud-based SaaS for building and maintaining progressive web apps for eCommerce stores which can be downloaded directly on a phone or tablet (Android & IoS) without going to Play Market or App Store.


Resolve challenges online retail business constantly deal with concerning mobile UX, sales and customer engagemen. Help brands and marketplaces to find the place on the mCommerce market without significant investments.


PWA business solution for eCommerce and retail brands offered on a subscription basis. The in-box features include:

Separated storefront. The app works as a single-page application (SPA) with initial server-side rendering (SSR). A fully-cached product catalog can also be accessed via RAM instead of slow API.

Custom theme. A unique interface design, HTML bootstrap theme or the existing website frontend to ensure the appropriate store/brand identification and positioning.

API Connector. Easy connection to Magento, Shopify, Demandware, WooCommerce or any other CMS or PIM to fill the catalog, add diverse content and receive orders online.

Maintenance. The infrastructure is deployed on the chosen VPS where the only owner of codebase and database is the storefront purchaser to ensure the proper security and timely updates.


Adopters of this kind of progressive web apps templates noticed up to 40% raise of mobile revenue thanks to the ability always to stay in connection with their customers via mobile devices.

The solution allows providing buyers with smooth online shopping experience not demanding high performance from their devices or the stability from nearby networks.


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