Food Logistics SaaS

Multi-platform logistics solution that allows maintaining and managing ordering and delivery for all related business parties within a single platform.

Client's goal

To raise the efficiency of the order fulfillment through process optimization for manufacturers, suppliers and retailers/wholesalers.


Complex management platform that simplifies handling of all the paperwork required for the part of supply chain management concerning negotiations and dealmaking in procurement. The web solution has the following modules:

  • Workflow processes. Inventory, warehouse and order management.
  • Communication. Messaging and notification systems.
  • Sales forecasting. Sales journal and seasonal relatives.
  • Store/company. User profiles and member access management.
  • Parameters. Ecosystem overview by parties, products, purchases.

The system comes with a label scanner app synchronized with a web solution and implemented using different approaches of machine learning and computer vision including optical character recognition.

It's a supporting user-friendly mobile app for inventory management that allows tracking product location within shelves, fridges and trash bins. Its functionality covers providing:

  • Product info (general, commodity, specifications) hitched to its number;
  • Dashboard for product search by location/code and notifications.


Integration of the custom order management system stimulated workflow optimization for the employees of the appropriate level of retail stores, suppliers and manufacturers. It allowed improving crucial KPIs for each deal party.


Feedback From Client

Olivier Piorkowski
President, founder @ Tubbychill, France

The direction of the SpringsApp team: Is composed of Alex and Sergey, two brothers who run their business with a lot of human sense. After our meeting on Upwork, I decided to go to their premises in Kiev to discover their environment, the coders and the work policy. I was impressed by the organization and seriousness of their employees.

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