Performance Monitoring Software

Tailor-made employee tracking solution based on the video analysis recorded by on-fleet cameras. Created for the local garbage collection service.

Client's goal

Cut operational costs by raising the level of employee performance and namely adherence to the plan, efficiency and accuracy of each task completion.


Custom performance monitoring solution that captures visual data using cameras installed on a truck and determines where and when garbage is collected and how much time each time the task execution takes.

To integrate the system to the service provider workflow were required:

  • Cameras mount the way to have a view on a container loading spot,
  • Deep learning model to detect data from the captured video,
  • GPS trackers installed and synced with the tracking module of MS,
  • MS module that analyzes data and compares it to the set plans.


The system improved workforce management for the service provider on a long-term basis. Collected data allowed making required adjustments to the strategic planning and optimize the business operation.


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