Food Delivery Platform

HLS eCommerce is a custom eCommerce solution developed for Kickstarter healthy food startup for online product distribution.

Client's goal

To provide new customers with a convenient system for ordering and payment for the chosen products and ensure their regular delivery as well as connect Kickstarter followers to the solution to reimburse them for the support with bonuses and free auto subscriptions


Online platform that allows users to subscribe on different types of healthy add-ons and advice to their daily ration. Plans imply diverse package content, delivery frequency and free gifts. The stipulated web functionality implied:

  • Order creation via a 3-step form (product, delivery and billing details)
  • Order management by users to give them control over their expenses
  • Enablement of subscription basis for monthly delivery on the chosen set
  • Payment gateway integration to enable secure transaction processing


eCommerce solution development allowed the startup to move on from the crowdfunding platform to the real market without significant losses of supporters and start building the engagement with the target audience.


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