Linkedin Leads Solution

This is one of the products we are happy not just to build but also to use. Linkedin Leads Solution hels to perform your email campaigns using prospects from Linkedin. The system has really complex browser automation tool under hood, which is performing search in Sales Navigator, emulating human behaviour.

We tried different tools to search emails for leads and found that Anymail Finder gives best results. It can find an email of a prospect, which any other system can't. And pricing are quite competative.

System consists of following modules:

  • Inteface that have same options as in Sales Navigator search, so you can easily search for leads in Sales Navigator and grab all of them into the system.
  • Anymail Finder API integration to search for emails.
  • Roles Management system to give proper access to employees and clients.
  • Email Templates creation.
  • Integration with Mailgun to perform email marketing campaigns.


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