Mobile Workforce Management Solution

Complex management system that gives the ability to control remote workers (sales reps, HVAC workers, etc.) that perform any kind of service on the spot.

Client's goal

Start digital transformation of the company management to raise control over employees, raise their consciousness and gather analytical data to increase the overall performance quality and productivity.


Digital solution for business which modules can be easily adjusted to the needs of a particular enterprise/department. It can work as a custom management system app since it can be deployed and changed according to the set requirements on the chosen individual server.

The presented solution is an example of its application in the sales department of the retail company. The system consists of:

  • Admin Panel for the management level
  • Mobile app (Android) for executives
  • RESTful API for the app connection
  • Integrated 1C Accounting System

It was created with the following features:

  • Real-time tracking of worker activities via GPS-monitoring
  • Tasks assignment and fulfillment monitoring
  • Productivity data gathering and analytics
  • Immediate state update and offline access


The integration of the management system application passed smoothly. After a certain period there were noticed:

  • Better staff compliance and productivity
  • Improved efficiency and responsiveness
  • Sales growth and service geography expansion
  • Schedule and overall workflow optimization
  • Reducement of operational costs and risks


Mobile Screenshots

Desktop Screenshots


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