How to Hire Сomputer Vision Engineer

According to Markets&Markets, the computer vision (CV) market worth will reach $17.4 billion raising the demand for engineers who can provide custom CV solutions.

7 min read, Aug 8

The significant growth is caused by the extension of the possibilities that bring to the business digital transformation that in trends these days. Computer vision enables implementation of digital solutions that can not just spot or record certain images but comprehend and analyze them. It allows resolving challenges concerning management, security and other aspects for various industries.

Related to artificial intelligence, from signal processing to computer vision for neuro-biology needs it embraces the theoretical basis of digital images and video analysis and its application. Unlike image processing, it’s focused more on visual content interpretation.

The field serves to solve problems concerning measuring, inspecting or investigating procedures that can be performed only through comprehensive image analysis. The common tasks that computer vision solutions accomplish are:

Object determination

Depending on the system it covers a specified item detection within the given picture and its identification according to existing classification including specifics of its state. It can be focused on a certain element including human faces, shapes, specific characters, etc. and its positioning.

Motion identification

It implies tracking, capturing, defining and analyzing the specific movements happened within a scene for velocity, direction, and other metrics estimation. The data can be used for the elicitation of the behavior patterns for building predictive models for various purposes.


CV methods allow shaping up the full 3D scene from 2D pictures as well as remove excessive distortion from images. Advanced approaches provide assumptions of the initial element or environment conditions that allows fulfilling its gaps or recompose by combining various plans.

The most efficient modern methods are based on deep learning and in particular convolutional and recurrent neural networks (CNN/RNN). Although even they have difficulties processing small or filtered objects computer vision achievements contribute to the development of augmented reality.

Computer vision for business: what are the benefits

Visual content is no less informative and on some occasions more precise than word-based. Excluding the conversion, one to another allows keeping the accuracy of the initially captured information and automating related processes.

Application of computer vision approaches allows implementing ambitious improvement concepts and solutions for existing challenges of the following fields.


The technology in combination with IoT devices can revolutionize the scope by resolving one of the core problems - monitoring and analysis of the harvest state on large areas. Using drone cameras the required records can be collected more accurately within the shorter period giving farmers time to prevent crop damage.

CV also finds application in animal husbandry by enabling 24/7 monitoring of the facilities. Real-time tracking of beast health, nutrition, activity, and overall behavior allows optimizing living conditions and preventing diseases including epidemic ones.


Computer vision is one of the basic technologies that made self-driving cars possible. Uninterrupted 360-degree analysis of the road situation allows not only ultimately automate the riding process but increase the security of the traffic participants.

The enhancement includes efficient routing by taking into account the available data about the situation on roads. The driving includes established and stipulated rules like giving way to emergency cars. Such vehicles also can find applications in logistics and public transportation.


The technology has opened a lot of opportunities for the scope by enabling the fast measuring of unboxed fluids, upgrading monitoring of changes of the damaged body areas, etc. Such solutions allow keeping the required level of accuracy and let patients perform some tests at home using a smartphone or a separate camera.

CV helps solve challenges concerning the real-time calculation of the blood loss during the operation, tracking the state of skin affected by illnesses or damages, disease detection from MRI, etc, that will diminish the negative consequences of inaccurate diagnostics.


Ready or still developing computer vision solutions can reshape the whole shopping experience. The world-famous marketplace Amazon is already giving a glimpse of the future by introducing Go store with hands-free checkout, digital outfit advisor Echo Look and upcoming patented virtual mirror allowing trying out cloth without within a changing section.

The ability to analyze in real-time conditions video captured by cameras allows raising the security level in warehouses and stores within existing inventory management systems. Anti-theft solutions simplify tracking employee and customer actions within facilities minimizing expenses on replacing stolen items and staff for monitoring.


From national defense to production of valuable resources scopes can benefit from the possibilities that open computer vision. By monitoring and analyzing people using facial recognition it’s possible to detect criminal elements and prevent crimes by predicting behavior using psychology-based algorithms.

In manufacturing, CV solutions allow tracking materials and ready products all over the supply chain that improves strategic planning and prevent thefts. They also enable the possibility of remote identity verification for banking operations through scanning required documents on a client-side and their scrupulous validation on the institution side.

Appropriate computer vision techniques can improve many operational processes concerning the processing of digital visual content. In combination with various devices, they optimized the workflow with certain departments of enterprises. An experienced computer vision software developer joined the technical team can significantly accelerate company digital transformation.

Computer vision for hire: what to look for in a candidate

Before starting the search for an appropriate professional the goal for the opening position should be defined. The company also should be able to provide sufficient resources to implement the chosen concept. It implies that a computer vision engineer should be a part of the team that can include a machine learning engineer, a data scientist or other AI experts depending on the project goal.

It’s clear that invention, implementation, optimization, and support of computer vision algorithms developer position applicants should have experience with. The working background should be supported by a comprehensive knowledge basis in fields like linear algebra, machine learning, computer engineering, statistics, and even robotics or IoT if the solution should be a device integrated.

The common computer vision engineer requirements include:

Degree: MS in Computer Engineering, Computer Science or related fields with appropriate focus.

Experience with: deep learning application for CV, certain GPU devices and programming tor them, developing visual SLAM system, etc.

Background in: providing computer vision solutions for the defined purposes.

Typically a potential computer vision engineer skills should include leastways some of the following:

Programming: C++, C, C#, Javascript, Python, R, and other numerical computing languages

Tools/Libraries: OpenCV, OpenCL, Unity, etc.

Soft: independent/teamwork, self-education, creativity, decision-making, trouble-shooting, etc.

For the best talent acquisition, computer vision interview questions should test the level of understanding of field theoretical concepts and their application with practical techniques to solve imaginary or real problems in the company scope. A candidate also should prove the ability to stick to project requirements including timing and performance quality and efficiency.

Computer vision developers in Ukraine: why hire there

It’s not always affordable to have an in-house technical team for integrating digital solutions into business especially for the non-tech scopes. Opting for remote workers allow cutting operating costs and widening the range of candidates for hire.

To avoid management difficulties concerning freelancers an enterprise can form a partnership with a computer vision development company and leave them for resolving on its side. Ukrainian IT market is one of the leading ones in the CEE region in the ratio of engineer qualification and their hourly rates.

Its representatives like Springs over the years show reliability and efficiency during the collaboration with international partners. Thanks to the location the access to experienced English-speaking developers can be established during the suitable for the company periods disregarding time zone differences.

Computer vision is one of the promising fields that can revolutionize things from everyday routine to global defense methods. For the business sector, it brings abilities to diminish expenses concerning with low qualification staff and upgrade the vision of customer experience that exceeds even modern expectations.

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