How To Hire Natural Language Processing Specialist

The more business becomes customer-oriented the more increases the necessity to establish efficient and yet natural interaction between parties and their already constant intermediaries - machines.

6 min read, Aug 12

One of the abilities of intelligence is comprehending, perceiving and responding to random speech disregarding its form (written or verbal). That’s why it’s one of the goals that should be achieved to create its artificial equivalent.

To solve the challenges concerning them exists the separate AI subset - natural language processing or NLP. Considering that any language rules come with multiple exceptions, logic uncertainties and undergoing simplifications during usage develop its solid pattern for employment by at least an analyzing algorithm is extremely complicated.

Nevertheless, thanks to deep statistical analysis of unstructured data and predictive methods allowed break the ice and reach the cognitive level in speech recognition enabling elicitation and processing of meaning from word combinations. It became a turning point in AI development.

Why your company need natural language processing specialists

NLP solutions were already on demand even before they were created. Automation of scrupulous tasks like spell and authenticity checking, searching certain data, customer support as well as the ability to take a hands-free control over devices through voice recognition are already possible but still haven’t attained the desired level of accuracy.

Therefore machine learning is used for the implementation of NLP projects. Basically, they are pre-trained models that can constantly update their knowledge through analysis of user actions. NLP find a wide distribution in eCommerce and retail as well as ML and gives them required instruments for customer interaction 24/7.

The analytical features of NLP solutions allow applying them to recruitment, healthcare, and financial scopes and overall analysis of business processes. Their main goal is assistance with the appropriate speed and accuracy level that will raise the workflow efficiency.

Although the scope is closely tied with machine learning it doesn’t imply that every ML engineer has required skills and more importantly experience. NLP qualification is specific and demands more than a knowledge basis for its efficient application to develop custom solutions for resolving real company problems.

How to hire natural language processing engineer

As always the search for appropriate candidates starts with composing a job description. It’s clear that the ultimate tasks for NLP developers initially formed by company needs. But their responsibilities are wider than contributing to the technology-related projects,

Considering the analytical basis of NLP data science involved in the development is required to give access to the appropriate data flows for their further segmentation. Therefore an applicant should be familiar with maintaining efficient cooperation with data analysts.

Understanding of statistical methods and knowledge of machine learning algorithms and their realization shouldn’t be as comprehensive as for a data scientist or a machine learning engineer job titles. That’s why these positions should be fulfilled in advance especially since these staffing requirements implied by the first steps to business process automation

A knowledge basis should include specific techniques for the implementation of natural language architecture. A candidate should be able to adjust them and come up with new ones to solve set complex problems. For international companies, it’s important that one can adhere to the requirements concerning enterprise multilingual and multicultural vision of service providing.

NLP engineer interview questions

To get the best talent under the roof an applicant should pass the evaluation of technical and interpersonal skills. During the resume screening candidates should be eliminated that don’t have:

Higher Education

Masters /Ph.D. in Statistics, Computer Science, Math or ML/NLP related fields which diploma can documentarily prove the required for the job knowledge basis. More focused positions may also require a degree in Linguistics or Psychology,

Tech proficiency

The following skills should be present: strong software engineering/coding, analytical, decision-making, modeling and designing neural networks (optionally), etc. to provide production-quality solutions that conform to the set requirements.

Experience with

Appropriate machine learning or natural language processing tools and coding frameworks, libraries and environments. The list should be specified in advance but job descriptions for the position usually mention:

Languages/frameworks. SQL, Python/PyTorch, Tensorflow, C/C++/C#, Java, R, etc.

Tools/packages: Caffe, scikit-learn, nltk, Weka, et al, spaCy, etc.

Project history

At least 2 or 3 applied or applicable solutions with the relevant focus and complexity delivered that should be available for evaluation in the portfolio or demo form.

Natural language processing interview questions should help to get a better understanding of the level of the mentioned skills and theoretical basis. For instance, topics may concern major field tasks (syntax, semantics, discourse or speech) or applicability of statistical methods in NLP.

A candidate should be also offered hypothetical or real-life scenarios to demonstrate reaction speed and relevancy of decision-making in the time-limited environment, The further assessment may also include practical test assignments and evaluation of soft skills and English level.

For the more accurate applicant screening, it’s better to include a tech lead, project manager or leastways experienced engineer. Since the technical NLP interview questions should be given open answers with possible further clarification required.

Where to find natural language processing developers

To define the number and kind of available search options a company should define budge size, contract duration, employment type (remote/in-house), local/not talent, management availability, delivery deadlines, etc.

Depending on the company specifics applying for outstaffing/outsourcing services may appear as more cost-efficient and beneficial for the project quality. In this case, it should consider searching NLP developers in Ukraine - one of the IT markets with the best price-quality rate.

Like in other Ai subset including machine learning experienced specialists in natural language processing top companies can provide even on short notice. Springs is one of AI-solution providers whose NLP developers can help implement set goals and projects in accordance with the established deadlines and requirements.

The integration of natural language processing is a necessary step in the business digital transformation. It allows evaluating not just customer actions but also their reviews and opinions to adjust the running strategy towards their needs including all-time support.

It’s also another step in the simplification of machine-human interaction that brings closer to the implementation of the concept of artificial intelligence. The complex structure of various languages opens deeper insights about processes that ensure complex thinking, communication, and verbal/written info analysis.

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