UI/UX Design

What We Design?
Competitive Analysis, Information Architecture, UX-Research, Wireframe, Lo-Fidelity Design, Hi-Fidelity Design, Prototype, User Flow, Design System
The UX design focuses around the specific research to understand client's needs and possbility of potential product to achieve necessary goals.
The whole design & delivery team generates the maximum number of ideas for solving the problem, including the craziest and the most stupid things you can imagine. Afterwards, the best solutions are chosen from the received options.
Every design idea is tested, analyzed and compared with the competition. If the result is unsatisfactory, we repeat the process again until we reach the necessary aim.
At this stage, we collect all proven ideas, create a complete concept (1-2 screens for each idea), collect feedback, and implement the fixes. Meanwhile, we determine the style and appearance of the future product.
Based on the selected concepts, we develop a clickable prototype (wireframes) - the skeleton of the future product. At this stage, we don't focus on the appearance but work on the user flow (we identify weaknesses, consider what can be improved and where to tweak)
The final step is to turn the wireframes into the user interface. This is our designers' favorite stage because its creativeness. We turn the gray skeletons of wireframes into the bright and functional interfaces allowing users to interact with a product seamlessly.