eCommerce POS Analytics System

The system enables income recording both manually and automatically, leveraging data from POS systems.


  • Industry: SaaS, Fintech
  • Location: EU
  • Team: React Developer, Node Developer, Project Manager, QA Engineer, CTO
  • Timeline: 2 months for MVP (4 months for completed product)
  • Services: Business analysis, discovery phase, UI/UX, design, web development, quality assurance, project management
  • Tech Stack: Javascript, React, Node
  • Problem: Store owners in shopping centers often grapple with complex administrative tasks related to income tracking and tax obligations, hindering their ability to effectively manage their businesses.
  • Product: Powerful tool for accounting store incomes in shopping centers, offering both manual and automatic data entry options, automated tax calculations, and analytics and reporting for profitability growth.
  • Result: The developed solution significantly simplifies store owners' business operations, helping them effectively manage their POS incomes, analyze accounting stats, and increase profits.


The goal of Omsetningen is to create a comprehensive system that meets the specific needs of stores in shopping centers. Understanding the unique challenges faced by these stores, our solution aims to streamline the process of income recording and management. This system is designed to enhance operational efficiency and provide store owners with a reliable tool to track their financial performance.

One of the key features of Omsetningen is its flexibility in income recording. Store owners can choose to input their income data manually or utilize automated options by integrating with POS systems. This dual approach ensures that the system can cater to a wide range of user preferences and technical capabilities, making it accessible and user-friendly for all types of store environments.

By focusing on the real-world requirements of stores, Omsetningen aims to reduce the administrative burden on store managers and staff. The goal is to allow them to focus more on their core business activities rather than on time-consuming financial record-keeping tasks. Through its innovative and adaptable design, Omsetningen seeks to support store owners in achieving better financial oversight and operational excellence.


We've developed Omsetningen as a comprehensive solution to streamline store financial management processes. At its core, Omsetningen offers robust income accounting features, enabling stores to efficiently track their daily income.

1. Income accounting: Omsetningen allows stores to enter information about income for each day, both manually and automatically. This significantly reduces administrative time and allows stores to manage their finances more efficiently. Whether inputting data manually or automatically through integration with POS systems, Omsetningen significantly reduces administrative burdens, allowing store owners to dedicate more time to growing their business.

2. Automatic filling of data: Thanks to integration with POS systems, Omsetningen automatically receives information about store income, which simplifies and speeds up the accounting process. This reduces the likelihood of errors and improves data accuracy. With automatic data filling capabilities, Omsetningen simplifies and accelerates the accounting process by seamlessly receiving income information from POS systems. This integration not only enhances efficiency but also improves data accuracy, reducing the risk of errors commonly associated with manual data entry.

3. Tax calculation: Omsetningen calculates taxes from profits automatically, allowing stores to stay on top of their tax obligations and avoid penalties for late payment of taxes. Tax compliance is a top priority for any business, and Omsetningen simplifies this process by automatically calculating taxes from profits. By staying on top of tax obligations, stores can avoid penalties for late payments and maintain financial health.

4. Analytics and reporting: The product provides stores with the ability to analyze their income and expenses, as well as track net income. This helps stores make more informed decisions to increase profits. In addition to its core functions, Omsetningen offers powerful analytics and reporting capabilities, enabling stores to gain valuable insights into their financial performance. By analyzing income, expenses, and net income trends, store owners can identify areas for improvement and make strategic decisions to increase profitability.


In conclusion, Omsetningen emerges as a robust solution tailored for accounting the income of stores within shopping centers. Its multifaceted features, ranging from manual and automatic income accounting to seamless integration with POS systems, underscore its versatility and efficiency. The client's confidence in the product's ability to simplify the lives of store owners is well-founded, given Omsetningen's capacity to streamline administrative tasks and provide accurate financial data promptly. With such capabilities at their disposal, store owners can navigate the complexities of business management with greater ease, allowing them to focus on strategic initiatives aimed at enhancing profitability.

Ultimately, Omsetningen serves as a catalyst for empowering store owners to effectively manage their businesses and drive growth. By automating critical processes such as tax calculation and offering comprehensive analytics and reporting tools, Omsetningen equips store owners with actionable insights to make informed decisions. The client's endorsement of the product underscores its potential to not only simplify daily operations but also to contribute significantly to the bottom line. In essence, Omsetningen represents a valuable asset for store owners seeking to optimize their financial management practices and maximize profits in the competitive landscape.

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