Product Discovery

Test the viability of your products and services through extensive discovery phase analysis from Springs.

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Effective product evaluation during the discovery phase

Springs is a top provider of research and analysis for the discovery phase of a project. Let us know your idea, and we’ll explain how to turn it into a profitable and functional product. This process demonstrates the viability of your concepts and what it takes to make them a reality.

Minimized risks

Spot and address issues during all discovery phase steps. Get a full assessment of project risks, limitations, and requirements. This way, your product is more likely to launch.

Saved costs

This process lets you quickly find how to meet users’ needs efficiently and which features to focus on. This saves time, effort, and funds for further development.

Better results

Springs has the means and the expertise to ensure seamless collaboration between our experts and clients, ensuring better results for everyone involved.

Springs Product Discovery Process

We offer comprehensive help during each step of the discovery phase process.

Identifying project function requirements. First, we establish the functions of your product. This includes picking the right technology to power it with

Identifying project quality requirements.  Second, our engineers identify the end user and what they expect from the software solution. These demands become more fleshed out as the project development process progresses. 

Creating a User Flow. If you want to, Springs can create a user flow that shows how prototype users will use solutions to complete various tasks. It takes them through entry points and down the steps to a successful outcome.

Creating Wireframes. Our designers tailor 2D illustrations of different pages. They show how the content and functional buttons will be placed.

Creating Software Requirements Specification. During the third discovery phase of a project, we tailor a document with all project recruitment, known as SRS. It details which functions the software should perform and which boxes they should check for users and the business.

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Springs product discovery perks

Workable prototypes

Springs devs offer clickable prototypes for main application pages that show real functions and user flow.

Product specification

Our specialists provide documents that cover the main product requirements and details required to successfully finish your solution.

Prioritized tasks

We use expertise to analyze your solution and propose features that should be available when the product launches.

Technical expertise

Springs architects evaluate project features and provide the best technical tools to fulfill the potential of your product.

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