Our Services

We are dedicated to transforming your concept into a practical user solution or an indispensable internal company tool.

Pre-Development Preparations

Unlock the full potential of your software development project with our comprehensive range of pre-development services.

IT Consultancy

Any AI/ML software development like AI Assistant, AI Chatbot, or Machine Learning AI App, starts with a technical AI consultation.

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Product Roadmapping

Product roadmapping helps to refine ideas and add structure to them through releases, features, and requirements.

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Discovery Phase

We explore AI infrastructure, data sources, and services. Our team assess if we have enough data to start R&D and create wireframes for AI designers.

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Business Process Automation

Discover an efficient way to supercharge your organization through high-end AI business process automation tools.

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Business Analysis

We allocate AI Business Analyst on this stage to get more information about our business and possibilities of AI solution implementation.

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Get the visualized idea on how the functionality of the final working product will look like.

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Engineering Services

We are offering top-notch development capabilities. Experience a holistic approach to software development with our wide array of services.

AI Development

Our AI development services cover LLM, rapid & model engineering, and other types of coding. Our team handle customized, intelligent solutions for the unique business values.

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Custom Software Development

We provide end-to-end development of web and mobile applications, with a keen focus on understanding our clients' needs at every phase of the process.

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ML Development

We leverage deep learning, AutoML, and Neural Networks to create responsive machine-learning solutions that process user requests naturally.

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Product Enhancement

Elevate your product's quality, speed, productivity, user interface and user experience with our additional set of services.

UI/UX Design

Custom AI apps require UI/UX design for their interfaces, so during the Discovery phase we allocate our UI/UX experts to design AI application.

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QA Testing

Constructing a scalable production workflow that automates ML or AI lifecycle, while QA team is making sure that everything is working at its highest capacity.

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Maintenance & Support

We are getting ongoing post release support to keep products’ efficiency at maximum, and aiming for a long-term partnership.

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