Flight Tracking Mobile App

Cross-platform mobile application, empowering users to effortlessly monitor the status of individual flights and access the comprehensive schedule.


  • Client: Private Airlines Company
  • Industry: Airlines, Private Flights
  • Location: United States
  • Team: React Native Developer, Project Manager, QA Engineer
  • Timeline: 2 months for MVP
  • Services: Mobile Development, Quality Assurance, Project Management
  • Tech Stack: React Native, Android, iOS, Redux
  • Problem: Make the flights more exciting and interesting for travelers that use a mobile application.
  • Product: Cross-platform React Native mobile application developed for Android and iOS devices.
  • Result: The solution has already helped the airline provider to improve service providing in the operating regions and raise customer engagement on a long-term basis.


The general product challenge and core idea is revolutionize the customer experience at every juncture, be it before, during, or after utilizing our company's services. It's a commitment to creating an immersive and seamless journey for every user.

Beyond simplifying processes, our client harbors a vision to make air travel an exciting and memorable experience for mobile application users. It's not just about getting from point A to B; it's about infusing every flight with an element of excitement and interest. Through innovative features and a user-centric approach, we aim to turn ordinary flights into extraordinary journeys.

Our commitment is rooted in innovation. Whether it's streamlining pre-service interactions, enhancing in-service experiences, or elevating post-service engagement, product is designed to be a catalyst for positive change. The goal is clear - to be more than a service provider but a transformative force that leaves an indelible mark on the customer's journey.


This product emerges as a cross-platform marvel, a React Native mobile application meticulously crafted for seamless operation on both Android and iOS devices.

It transcends the realm of mere applications, embodying a user-friendly, multifunctional tool that opens gateways to a wealth of information essential for the traveler engaged with this service provider.

Within its framework, users encounter a comprehensive array of features tailored to elevate their travel experience:

Insights into Aircraft Characteristics

- Users can find intricate details, characteristics and modifications that define each aircraft in the service provider's fleet.

Real-time Flight Status

- The app allows users to navigate the journey seamlessly, with access to real-time updates on the flight's status, unfolding the entire route on a digital map. It's not just about reaching the destination but comprehending the journey.

Personalized Service Accounts

- The tool offers users the autonomy to personalize their service accounts. It's an individualized touch that adds a layer of tailored comfort to the travel experience.

Continuous Customer Support

- The product stands as a gateway to unceasing support, fostering 24/7 accessibility to customer support. It's a conduit for continuous assistance, ensuring that users are never alone in their travel journey.

In essence, this product isn't confined to the binary world of applications; it's a dynamic tool that becomes an indispensable companion for travelers engaging with the service provider. It's an embodiment of convenience, personalization, and unwavering support, redefining the contours of the travel experience.


This transformative solution has played a pivotal role in reshaping and enhancing the service provision landscape for the airline provider within its operational regions. The impact reverberates through the corridors of customer engagement, heralding a profound and lasting transformation.

The strides made in service provision are not mere improvements but a testament to the tangible elevation of the entire operational framework. The solution isn't just a tool; it's an instrumental force that has enabled the airline provider to navigate the intricacies of customer engagement with renewed efficacy.

The result is how the airline provider interacts with its customer base. The impact is not measured in isolated instances but in the enduring relationships fostered and the sustained resonance felt by customers over the long haul.

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