December 7, 2023

5 reasons why it is worth working with a Ukrainian IT company.

If you still harbor uncertainties about Ukrainian IT companies, this article is tailored just for you.

Written by
Alex Uspenskyi

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Since February, 24 our country has been fighting for freedom, territory, and democracy against russian aggression. Unfortunately, I have already heard many stories that foreign companies refuse to work with Ukrainian businesses due to the fear of the unknown and war. And the idea of this article is to ensure that it is at least worth trying.

Reason 1. We are motivated as never before.

Every Ukrainian wants this war stops soon. So, we do everything possible to donate to our army forces and work super hard to make it happen the earliest. For e.g. in our company, Springs, about 99% of the staff showed a higher level of KPI after the war had begun and these are not just words. We managed to transform to 100% remote work without any productivity loss. All in all, we do our job as we have the aim — a peaceful blue sky.

Reason 2. Why can’t we deliver if we can fight?

Yes, we can. Ukrainians are really flexible and hard-working nation. We showed the whole world that our small army may do unbelievable things. The army is also a business. So, if our soldiers proved to everyone that we are good on the battlefield, then don’t doubt that our business will deliver for you. Have a look at the reviews on the Clutch platform about the projects delivered by our company during the war.

Reason 3. The numbers speak for themselves.

That is not a secret that Ukrainian software development engineers are the ones of the most talented in the world. Moreover, we have really strong and world-famous technological startups like Grammarly, Readdle,, Revenue Grid, Elai, and many others. Today Ukraine is In The Top 10 Countries In The World In Terms Of Technological Skills! According to Coursera’s annual Global Skills Report that analyzes reskilling trends worldwide, Ukraine is ranked #21 among more than 100 countries and #8 in the Cutting-Edge Technology competencies section.

Moreover, such an outstanding freelance platform like Upwork stopped working with russia and Belarus to support Ukrainian business, and Ukrainians are ranked there as top companies.

Reason 4. We are looking for a long-term partnership as we need to donate.

For more than 3 months Ukrainian business makes everything possible to stop the war as soon as possible. The donations from IT companies are really significant. Companies buy drones, vehicles, ammunition, equipment, and many other things for the army forces. Currently, the Ukrainian IT sector funded billions of dollars for the army supper and continues to do it.

Our team Springs bought a big amount of cars (pickups and trucks) and has been donating since the first day of the war. So, we all are extremely interested to cooperate on a high level with foreign companies and support the Ukrainian economy with regular donations.

Reason 5. We are not suffering. We live & work.

Unfortunately, a lot of people and companies abroad think that Ukrainians stopped doing everything and just trying to survive. That is not true. Most of us continue to live normal lives. For sure, we have some restrictions but they don’t prevent us from working, going to the restaurants, visiting friends, going in for sports, etc.

Ukraine stays strong. We are ready to show you our desire, our skills, and our commitment. Any doubts? Let’s try!

Serhii Uspenskyi, CEO at Springs LLC

Customer retention is the key

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What are the most relevant factors to consider?

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Don’t overspend on growth marketing without good retention rates

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What’s the ideal customer retention rate?

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Next steps to increase your customer retention

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