August 3, 2023

Our First Generative AI Startup

Build customized assistant AI videos with a presenter in minutes without using a camera, studio and a green screen.

Written by
Serhii Uspenskyi

Table of Contents

How It Started

Generative AI services have been around for some time now. Every day, numerous startups emerge in this domain, making it challenging to create a unique offering and capture the attention of potential customers. Artificial Intelligence technologies are the future of software technologies.

Creating learning videos and tutorials stays one of the biggest challenges for many companies. They spend tons of money, time, and resources on hiring tutors, operators, and buying soft. And here is the place where Springs c to help with machine learning development

AI Video Generation Tool is one of the top AI tools that lets you create high-quality videos with customizable digital presenters, using just text.

The product allows users to select a virtual presenter and add slides and text, and the system generates the users’ videos. We enable customers to transform an article into a video presentation with a human presenter in a couple of clicks. Springs team provided a development of application - an AI SaaS-based platform for the creation of videos from text.

Under the Hood

We spent years of R&D to create some of the most realistic and emotionally expressive avatars out there.

The process of AI avatar creation

We have brought together a team of exceptionally talented individuals in the realms of generative AI models. Our R&D team leverages their extensive expertise of over 20 years in face recognition, computer vision, and ML to create one of the top solutions available in the market and we managed to bring it to life.

Every our AI engineer used the latest AI technologies and AI tools to implement the features that help users simply use a dashboard to create an avatar, render video, and enjoy the presentation. And that is a strong combination of AI, ML and Web application development.

The core stack of the web app development technologies is the following:

  • AWS
  • React
  • Node
  • MongoDB

As per the AI and Machine Learning part, we used:

  • PyTorch
  • Python
  • FFmpeg
  • GPT

Moreover, thanks to the custom API, companies may generate high-quality video content on-demand, without the need for costly production equipment or personnel.

AI Video Creator

The Future

The Generative Artificial Intelligence Startup has fearlessly ventured into the market with a mission to address real challenges that have been magnified by pandemic restrictions. It is a deep learning startup comprising a global team of AI enthusiasts.

New features are being added regularly. For instance, we recently introduced AI voice cloning, which allows you to input your speech text and have our conversational AI technology narrate it using your own voice in multiple languages.

Our solution is a powerful tool from many machine learning applications worldwide. It genuinely enriches and simplifies our lives, and that is what motivates us to push forward.

Customer retention is the key

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What are the most relevant factors to consider?

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Don’t overspend on growth marketing without good retention rates

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What’s the ideal customer retention rate?

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Next steps to increase your customer retention

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