Amazon Automation SaaS

SaaS solution that empowers Amazon sellers to enhance their profitability through a contemporary Chrome extension and a user-friendly web dashboard.


  • Client: eCommerce Startup
  • Industry: Amazon Dropshipping, eCommerce
  • Location: UK
  • Team: PHP Laravel Developers- 2, Project Manager, QA Engineer, CTO
  • Timeline: 9 months for MVP phase.
  • Services: Web Development, Quality Assurance, Project Management
  • Tech Stack: PHP, Amazon Web Services, Laravel, MySQL, Mailgun API, Stripe API, Amazon Marketplace Web Service, Google Adwords API, ChartJS
  • Problem: Get closer to cost-efficiency by automating a certain number of routine tasks and bringing business intelligence into the running.
  • Product: Profithatcher is a SaaS product that helps Amazon sellers to improve their profit while using the modern Chrome extension and a web dashboard.
  • Result: Through workflow automation and business intelligence implementation, the client achieved: product line diversification, enhanced operational efficiency, expanded customer base, increased sales and revenue, elevated seller ranks, and improved key performance indicators (KPIs).


At the core of this project lies the aspiration to transcend conventional workflows, striving for operational excellence by automation and infusing business intelligence into the fabric of daily operations. Rooted in the realm of Amazon selling, our client sought not just simplicity, but a profound shift - a departure from the mundane, where the intricacies of routine tasks that echo across the reselling landscape can be effortlessly streamlined and elevated.

Our team's innovation goes beyond the product - it's about reshaping the seller's journey, enabling them to break free from the shackles of monotony. Platform is a digital innovation that embraces the spirit of efficiency, offering not just convenience but a transformative leap into a realm where every task becomes an opportunity for enhanced productivity and informed decision-making.


Profithatcher emerges not merely as a web application and Chrome extension but as a dynamic synergy of purposeful functionalities meticulously designed to elevate every facet of an online seller's journey. The solution is based on four basic modules responsible for a particular aspect of the seller's activity on the online marketplace.

1. Analytical Mastery

- Empowering sellers to keep their business at their fingertips through meticulous data tracking and visualization via a custom dashboard.

- Unveiling insights into every financial aspect, from expenses to margins, profits, and beyond.

- Real-time inventory management, ensuring a constant pulse on stock dynamics.

2. Product Exploration (Chrome Extension)

- Delving into the boundless possibilities for online stores by scanning search web pages to unearth potential products ripe for sale.

- Analyzing sales and revenue data for each specific vendor, unlocking a realm of strategic opportunities.

3. Email Automation Prowess

- Orchestrating a surge in organic customer feedback through automated email campaigns that require minimal manual supervision.

- Harnessing pre-built mailing templates and accommodating attachments with up to 2 files/5MB, for streamlined and impactful communication.

4. Coupon code distribution

- Fueling sales growth by strategically distributing promotions and coupons to the target audience.

- Playing a pivotal role in supporting new product launches, contributing to Amazon rank elevation through strategic discounting.

Beyond being a product, Profithatcher is a digital companion, a guiding force that doesn't just streamline tasks but transforms the seller's journey into a nuanced dance of efficiency, strategic insight, and sustained growth in the dynamic realm of online marketplaces.


Through a meticulous orchestration of workflow optimization and the infusion of business intelligence, our team catalyzed a transformative impact for the client, resulting in a cascade of tangible outcomes:

- Diversification of Product Portfolio: strategic expansion of the selling product line, introducing diversity that resonates with dynamic market demands.

- Elevated Operational Efficiency: marked enhancement in operational efficiency, navigating the seller through tasks with newfound fluidity and precision.

- Customer Magnetism: magnetic pull towards the brand, with the client successfully attracting a stream of new customers entranced by the evolved selling experience.

- Revenue Surge: robust surge in both sales and revenue, transforming the bottom line and redefining the financial narrative.

- Seller Rank Ascension: ascension to higher echelons of seller ranks, a testament to the amplified prowess and strategic positioning within the online marketplace.

- KPI Excellence: comprehensive improvement across vital Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), reflecting the holistic success of the implemented solutions.

In essence, our team's intervention has not only optimized workflows but has sculpted a landscape where diversification, efficiency, customer allure, financial growth, elevated status, and key metric excellence harmoniously coexist, creating a narrative of sustained success for the client.

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