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Progressive web application that contains an extensive book catalog where users can search through thousands of examples and leave comments to share their opinion with other users.


  • Client: Startup
  • Industry: Social Networking, Books
  • Location: Italy
  • Team: Vue Developer, Node Developer, Typescript Developer, Project Manager, QA Engineer, CTO
  • Timeline: 3 months for MVP phase.
  • Services: Web Development, Quality Assurance, Project Management
  • Tech Stack: Amazon Web Services, MySQL, Node.js, Vue, TypeScript
  • Problem: Users would like to immerse themselves in reading, knowing how to find a book that could suit them in terms of plot and setting.
  • Product: Progressive web application that contains an extensive book catalog. Each user can search through thousands of examples and leave comments to share their opinion with other users.
  • Result: eXandria, as a modern PWA solution, became a useful tool for passionate book readers as well as those who only starting to explore the centuries-wide world of literature whether they use a desktop or mobile device.


In a world inundated with an ever-growing sea of books, navigating the literary landscape can be a daunting challenge. The sheer volume of new publications flooding the market each year presents readers with an overwhelming array of choices, leaving many unsure of where to turn for their next captivating read. The desire to lose oneself in a compelling story or explore a particular setting becomes a quest fraught with uncertainty, often leading to the frustration of not knowing whether the perfect book awaits or if it even exists.

Recognizing this predicament, our goal was to simplify the intricate process of book discovery and make the literary journey a seamless and enjoyable experience. We envisioned a platform that would empower readers by providing them with the tools to effortlessly find books tailored to their preferences, breaking down the barriers that hinder the exploration of the vast literary world. By offering a solution that cuts through the complexity of choice, our team sought to enhance the reading experience, allowing users to connect with books that resonate with their unique tastes and interests.

This project aims to foster a community of readers who share a passion for discovering and discussing the hidden gems of literature. Through thoughtful curation and intuitive features, our goal was to make the literary world more accessible, enabling readers to embark on their literary adventures with confidence and excitement.


In response to the contemporary challenge of navigating the vast and ever-expanding literary landscape, our team undertook the development of a progressive web application designed to revolutionize the way readers discover, explore, and engage with books. This platform stands as a testament to our commitment to fostering a rich and interconnected reading community, transcending the limitations of traditional book discovery methods. Through careful curation and the incorporation of user-generated content, we aim to provide a comprehensive book catalog, enabling each user to embark on a personalized literary journey.

Central to the platform is a robust and user-friendly book catalog, meticulously curated to include thousands of diverse examples from various genres and authors. The goal was to create a repository that encapsulates the richness and diversity of the literary world, offering readers a broad spectrum of choices. The platform empowers users with the ability to explore this extensive catalog, encouraging them to delve into genres and themes that align with their unique interests and preferences.

A key feature of our progressive web application is its interactive nature, allowing users not only to consume but also to contribute actively to the platform's growth. Users have the opportunity to enrich the database by adding information about their preferred books, including details such as the time and place they resonate with, relevant tags, and more. Additionally, users can rate books, providing valuable insights that contribute to the platform's dynamic and evolving ecosystem.

The collaborative spirit of the platform extends beyond the mere act of contributing data; it fosters a sense of community by enabling users to share their opinions through comments. This communal engagement serves to enhance the overall reading experience, as users can benefit from diverse perspectives and recommendations. The value lies not just in the individual act of book discovery but in the collective wisdom of the community, creating a space where readers can connect, share, and explore the boundless realms of literature.

Moreover, our commitment to providing a holistic reading experience is exemplified by the seamless integration of Amazon links on each volume's profile page. This strategic feature allows users to transition seamlessly from exploration to acquisition, reinforcing the platform's utility as a comprehensive resource for both discovering and purchasing books. By facilitating direct links to Amazon, we aim to bridge the gap between exploration and acquisition, ensuring that users can effortlessly bring their newfound literary discoveries into their personal collections.

In conclusion, this progressive web application represents a paradigm shift in the realm of book discovery, encapsulating our dedication to creating a vibrant and user-centric platform. Through its comprehensive catalog, interactive features, and community-driven ethos, the application aspires to redefine how readers engage with literature, transcending the boundaries of traditional book discovery platforms.


Client Review

In the evolution of literary exploration, eXandria stands as a modern and sophisticated Progressive Web Application (PWA), transcending the conventional boundaries of book discovery and accessibility. Tailored to cater to the diverse needs of avid book enthusiasts and those embarking on their literary journey, Exandria emerges as a valuable tool that seamlessly adapts to the preferences of users, whether they choose to engage through desktop or mobile devices.

Platform`s significance extends beyond being a mere application; it represents a pivotal shift in the way individuals interact with and appreciate literature. By providing a unified platform accessible across devices, our team aims to create a versatile space where both seasoned readers and newcomers can engage with literature at their own pace and convenience. The inherent value lies not only in the technological prowess of a PWA but in the democratization of knowledge, fostering a global community bound together by the shared passion for the written word.

The impact of eXandria as a result of our team's efforts manifests in the empowerment of users to navigate the centuries-wide literary realm effortlessly. Through its user-friendly interface and cross-device compatibility, app brings about a transformation in how readers engage with books. The product's success is measured not just in its technological prowess but in the enhanced literary experience it provides, making the world of literature more accessible, connected, and enriching for all.

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