Data Processing System

Web application designed to revolutionize workflow by automating routine tasks such as seamless data collection and efficient sorting processes.


  • Client: Digital Marketing Agency
  • Industry: Sales, Services
  • Location: UK
  • Team: Fullstack Developer, Project Manager, QA Engineer, CTO
  • Timeline: 2 months for MVP
  • Services: Web Development, Quality Assurance, Project Management
  • Tech Stack: PHP, Laravel, MySQL, Nginx, SendGrid
  • Problem: Optimize the workflow of the sales department through the automation of routine tasks like data collection, sorting, presentation, and transmission.
  • Product: A custom web application that allows scraping customer data or scheduled appointments via public API to ensure the timely fulfillment of orders.
  • Result: The integration of the web solution increased the efficiency and fulfillment accuracy of the selected processes related to customer relationship management in comparison to manual execution.


The overarching goal was to usher in a new era of efficiency within their sales department. This ambition was to be realized through a strategic approach, primarily centered around the meticulous automation of routine tasks. This encompassed the entire spectrum from data collection and sorting to presentation and seamless transmission of crucial information.

The holistic solution - a one-stop repository that encapsulates a comprehensive suite of features. The aim was not merely to address isolated pain points but to orchestrate a transformative solution that harmoniously integrates various functionalities into a unified, streamlined workflow.

In fact, the goal was not just to optimize. The system was supposed to revolutionize the way the sales force works, creating an environment where tasks are seamlessly aligned and the workforce is freed from the shackles of time-consuming manual labor.


The bespoke web application, serving as a dynamic hub for scraping customer data and orchestrating scheduled appointments seamlessly through public APIs. This intricate solution becomes the linchpin, guaranteeing the punctual fulfillment of orders by fostering an ecosystem of awareness between company workers and their corresponding customers.

The solution ensures awareness about the upcoming appointment of a company worker and a corresponding customer and enables the following features:

- Unprecedented access to databases and calendars creates a centralized repository, enabling users to effortlessly manage and track appointments.

- The ability to upload custom letter templates injects a personalized touch into communication, reflecting the unique identity of each business.

- The transformative feature of converting data to PDF format adds a layer of sophistication, streamlining the documentation process and enhancing professional communication.

- A seamless system of notification emailing ensures that all stakeholders remain in the loop, fostering a real-time exchange of information critical to the smooth flow of operations.

In essence, this product is a strategic enabler, redefining the landscape of order fulfillment, customer communication, and the seamless orchestration of appointments within the business realm.


The seamless integration of the web solution has ushered in a new era of operational prowess, elevating not just the efficiency but the very essence of fulfillment accuracy in selected processes tied to customer relationship management.

A custom web application is a calibration of precision and accuracy in managing customer relationships. What was once manually executed now operates within the realms of streamlined and meticulously orchestrated processes. It's not just an increase in efficiency; it's a fundamental reimagination of how these critical processes align with the evolving dynamics of customer-centric operations.

In essence, the result is a harmonious blend of heightened efficiency and accuracy, marking a distinct departure from the labor-intensive manual execution. The project's impact is not confined to incremental improvements, it's a testament to the organization's commitment to embracing technological solutions that redefine the landscape of customer relationship management processes.

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