eCommerce Ordering App

The integration of a mobile application into the existing web system of an eCommerce enterprise aims to streamline the order placement process, fostering enhanced efficiency and contributing to a growth in overall revenue.


  • Client: eCommerce Company
  • Industry: eCommerce
  • Location: Latvia
  • Team: React Native Developers- 2, Project Manager, QA Engineer, CTO
  • Timeline: 6 months for MVP phase.
  • Services: Mobile Development, Quality Assurance, Project Management
  • Tech Stack: React Native, Android, iOS, Redux, Axios
  • Problem: Increase the profit of the current business by developing a mobile application considering the modern eCommerce principle - "mobile first".
  • Product: The mobile application was integrated into the existing website, and as a result, the user can see carts in real-time through the app and make an order.
  • Result: We had initially designed a user interface and user experience and afterward developed a modern React Native mobile application that allowed client customers to make orders via their smartphones and check the order status in real time.


At the core of the client's vision lies a strategic initiative to augment the profitability of their existing business model through the development of a mobile application, intricately aligned with the contemporary eCommerce ethos of "mobile first." The essence of the project revolves around empowering restaurants and coffee shops, transcending operational challenges by consolidating all their requisites into a singular, seamless platform. The idea is not merely an application, it's a manifestation of the progressive paradigm where mobility takes precedence, facilitating an efficient and consolidated approach for businesses in the food industry.


Through seamless integration with the existing website, our team has fortified the user experience, enabling real-time visibility of the shopping cart within the mobile application. This strategic fusion goes beyond the mere convenience of placing an order, app introduces a dynamic element where users can actively engage with their cart, fostering an immersive and responsive interaction.

Simultaneously, the integration of the application into the delivery database unlocks an expanded dimension of user engagement. Users now have the ability to delve into their order history, gaining insights into past interactions. Furthermore, the live status of product availability provides a real-time snapshot, adding a layer of transparency and empowering users with the information needed to make informed decisions.

This is integration that extends the boundaries of user engagement. By seamlessly connecting the application with both the website and the delivery database, our team has forged an environment where users don't merely make orders but actively participate in a dynamic and informed shopping experience. This integration is more than a technical feat; it's a strategic elevation of user interaction, enhancing the value derived from the entire shopping and delivery process.


Commencing with the meticulous design of a user interface and experience, our team embarked on a strategic journey that culminated in the development of a cutting-edge React Native mobile application. This technological marvel transcends conventional boundaries, offering the client's customers a transformative platform to seamlessly place orders via their smartphones. However, the impact extends beyond mere convenience.

The real-time order status feature serves as a dynamic conduit, providing customers with instantaneous insights into the progression of their orders. This isn't just about technology; it's a deliberate intervention that empowers customers with the ability to actively engage in the entire order lifecycle. The value our team brings lies not only in the creation of an application but in the orchestration of a responsive, user-centric ecosystem that redefines the customer's interaction with the ordering process.

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