eMarket Dropshipping System

Empowering small businesses and resellers with an online system to seamlessly sell and buy products through digital platforms.


  • Client: Dropshipping Startup
  • Industry: eCommerce, Dropshipping, Amazon Selling
  • Location: USA
  • Team:  PHP Developer, Project Manager, QA Engineer, CTO
  • Timeline: 2 months for MVP phase.
  • Services: Web Development, Quality Assurance, Project Management
  • Tech Stack: PHP, Laravel, MySQL, LetsEncrypt, Amazon Marketplace Web Service.
  • Problem: Raise the store's operating efficiency in order to stimulate business growth and stability.
  • Product: Digital business solution developed as a custom web application for minimizing the human factor in the processes concerning order fulfillment.
  • Result: The integration of the custom business solution allowed to raise operational productivity and annual revenue.


At the epicenter of the project idea lies a visionary concept - an ardent pursuit to elevate the operational efficiency of the store, acting as a catalyst for substantial business growth and unwavering stability.  An overarching goal? To seamlessly navigate through a surge in orders, extracting maximal profit from each transaction - a strategic symphony of streamlined processes orchestrating a harmonious dance towards sustained prosperity.

Our team, driven by a commitment to operational excellence, stands as architects of this transformative journey. As the gears of automation turn, our project emerges not as a mere product but as an embodiment of strategic ingenuity - shaping a narrative where efficiency begets growth, and every transaction is a step towards sustained prosperity.


The product of our decision and development isintricately crafted web application meticulously designed to diminish human touchpoints within the intricate realm of order fulfillment processes.

From the seamless handling of customer orders in diverse online stores to the intelligent search for essential products through supplier engagement based on order intricacies, every step is a testament to the intricate dance of automation. The tailored interface facilitates the precise placement of detailed requests with chosen suppliers, culminating in the efficient dispatch of products utilizing customer-provided shipping information.

A pivotal enabler in this symphony of efficiency is the seamless integration of ZInc API, elevating the application to a global scale. It effortlessly navigates the intricacies of eBay and Amazon businesses, transcending geographical boundaries to encompass operations in France, Italy, the UK, Spain, Germany, and beyond. Beyond a product, the system embodies the essence of streamlined processes, global connectivity, and a redefined landscape of operational excellence.


The infusion of our tailored business solution stands as a catalyst for a paradigm shift in operational dynamics, surging productivity and bolstering annual revenue. Beyond the mere enhancement of operational metrics, this application has become accelerant, propelling the velocity of order fulfillment to unprecedented levels.

The consequential effect is the liberation of valuable time, providing a breathing space for the amplification of strategic endeavors. This newfound temporal wealth isn't merely a reprieve; it's a resource strategically reallocated to factors with monumental impacts on sales and marketing frontiers. This system isn't just a solution, it's the genesis of a ripple effect, where efficiency begets productivity, and dividends reverberate across the entire spectrum of business growth.

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