Facility Booking PWA

Responsive website and multi-page PWA with interactive design for booking showers nearby.


  • Client: Fitness Startup
  • Industry: Fitness, PWA
  • Location: Canada
  • Team: Vue Developer, Node Developer, Project Manager, QA Engineer, CTO
  • Timeline: 3 month for MVP.
  • Services: Web Development, Quality Assurance, Project Management
  • Tech Stack: Node.js, Android, iOS, MongoDB, Stripe API, Vue, Google Maps API, Places API
  • Problem: Create a booking app on Android and iOS devices that would help a huge number of active people easily find and book a shower in the nearest sport or fitness club.
  • Product: Fully responsive website with interactive design and a multi-page progressive web application.
  • Result: The outcome of booking app development is already available for sports enthusiasts in the region who take smartphones and tablets on their activities. Now they can reserve and pay for the facility in the selected establishments on-the-go.


The core objective for our team was to conceptualize and develop a comprehensive booking application compatible with both Android and iOS devices. The envisioned application aims to address a significant challenge faced by a vast demographic of active individuals - providing seamless access to and booking of showers in nearby sports and fitness clubs.

With a particular emphasis on the needs of sports enthusiasts, our focus centered on alleviating the daily struggles faced by athletes, especially during the summertime, where the demand for such facilities tends to peak.

The overarching goal was to create a solution that not only streamlined the booking process but also significantly enhanced the overall experience for individuals engaged in regular physical activities. This project was driven by a commitment to enhancing the convenience and accessibility of essential amenities for the active community, fostering a positive impact on their daily routines.


Our team meticulously crafted a sophisticated solution that seamlessly integrates a fully responsive website with an interactive design, coupled with a multi-page progressive web application.

This comprehensive product boasts a range of valuable features, including:

- User account registration and management, ensuring a personalized and secure experience.

- Advanced word and map search functionalities, empowering users to effortlessly locate desired facilities.

- Detailed browsing of facility profiles, offering comprehensive information to aid decision-making.

- Map view for user information and navigation, enhancing overall accessibility and ease of use.

- Streamlined room reservation and payment processing capabilities, providing a convenient end-to-end solution for users.

Our focus on user-centric design and functionality reflects a commitment to delivering a product that not only meets but exceeds the expectations of our clients and their target audience.


The culmination of our booking app development is now a tangible reality for sports enthusiasts throughout the region, seamlessly integrated into their active lifestyles through smartphones and tablets. This transformative solution empowers users to effortlessly reserve and pay for facility access on-the-go, revolutionizing their overall experience.

Beyond the end-user benefits, our program partners stand to gain significantly from this innovative solution. The platform serves as a lucrative avenue for partners to monetize vacant showers, optimizing resource utilization and revenue streams. Additionally, the app facilitates effective advertising of their services, offering a dynamic channel to showcase and promote their offerings to a targeted and engaged audience.

By bridging the needs of sports enthusiasts with the objectives of our program partners, we've not only enhanced user experiences but also created a sustainable ecosystem that fosters mutual benefit and value.

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