Fitness Mobile App

Lifestyle mobile app created to support every user on their way to physical and mental well-being by providing a personalized approach.

Client's goal

To help people changing their approach to their daily routine to improve their shape and health on a long-term basis.


Complex AI mobile app for Android and iOS created to empower individuals or company staff to become more productive by guiding them on how to stay healthy and motivated.

The solution provides for each user a personal dashboard to follow the chosen path and track the progress. The training is divided into three aspects:


Starting with an exercise test and data analysis including shape image processing AI algorithm forms a personal fitness plan with video guides that allows moving forward to the goal without harm. If a user isn’t satisfied with the selection, the one can explore hundreds of alternatives.


Digital meal planner that generates a custom nutrition scheme based on the put-in personal info. The solution doesn’t focus on diets. Rather on bringing in a new approach to what a person eats. Videos simplify the preparation and a big recipe book leaves room for changes.


‘All About U’ section that’s developed by experts in psychology created to help users to better understand their own behavior. After a short survey, it's provided a custom pack of videos and tools like word clouds and a journal to reflect and analyze the progress and be able to move forward.

Created plans aren’t statical - they are changing according to the results of the completed programs. The services are provided based on a subscription basis and can be paid directly from the app.


This health and wellness tech startup is currently growing its audience and appreciation from the early adopters.


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