Food Logistics SaaS

Complex management platform that simplifies the handling of all the paperwork required as part of supply chain management concerning negotiations and dealmaking in procurement.


  • Client: Food Logistics Company
  • Industry: Logistics, Transportation
  • Location: France
  • Team: React Native Developers- 2, React Developers - 3, Node developers - 3, Project Manager, QA Engineers - 3, CTO
  • Timeline: 14 months
  • Services: Mobile development, Web Development, Quality Assurance, Project Management
  • Tech Stack: React, React Native, Node.js, Android, iOS, MongoDB,, Redux, Sails, GraphQL
  • Problem: Develop a unified platform for logistics parties to streamline operations and manage processes through a single web app, eliminating manual work.
  • Product: Comprehensive platform streamlining supply chain paperwork for negotiations and procurement dealmaking.
  • Result: Custom order management system integration enhances workflow efficiency for retail store, supplier, and manufacturer employees.


The fundamental goal of this project was to conceptualize and bring to fruition an all-encompassing platform, a singular digital hub that empowers logistics stakeholders to conduct and oversee their intricate processes seamlessly through a unified web application, effectively eliminating the need for manual intervention.

Beyond the technical intricacies, the primary focus rested on enhancing the efficiency of order fulfillment. This entailed a meticulous approach to process optimization tailored specifically for manufacturers, suppliers, and retailers/wholesalers. The envisioned outcome was a harmonized, automated system that not only streamlined operations but also significantly elevated the overall efficiency and effectiveness of the supply chain ecosystem.


Our team has engineered a sophisticated management platform that serves as a catalyst in simplifying the intricate paperwork processes integral to supply chain management, particularly in the realms of negotiations and dealmaking within procurement.

Within this comprehensive web solution, several modules have been meticulously integrated to fortify their capabilities:

- Workflow processes, including inventory, warehouse, and order management, fostering seamless operations.

- Communication channels, incorporating messaging and notification systems for enhanced connectivity.

- Sales forecasting functionalities, encompassing a sales journal and seasonal relatives for strategic planning.

- Store/company features, ensuring efficient user profiles and member access management.

- Parameters offering an ecosystem overview categorized by parties, products, and purchases.

A key facet of our solution is a label scanner mobile app, harmoniously synchronized with the web platform. Leveraging advanced machine learning and computer vision techniques, including optical character recognition, this app significantly enhances operational efficiency. Moreover, it serves as a user-friendly companion for inventory management, empowering users to track product locations within shelves, fridges, and disposal areas.

Additionally, the mobile application counterpart of this comprehensive platform is readily available, providing users with seamless access to its functionalities on the go. This extension ensures that the advantages and efficiencies gained from our tailored order management system are accessible across desktop and mobile environments, further enhancing the user experience and flexibility for all stakeholders involved.

Platform robust functionality spans from providing detailed product information to facilitating dashboard access, product searches by location or code, and timely notifications. Our holistic approach combines technological innovation and user-centric design to create a powerful tool that adds substantial value to supply chain processes.


The introduction of custom order management systems emerged as a transformative force, streamlining and optimizing workflows across diverse organizational tiers, encompassing retail stores, suppliers, and manufacturers. This sophisticated solution transcended the limitations of manual processes, fostering a seamless operational environment.

The inherent benefits extended beyond mere efficiency gains, as tailored system triggered a notable uplift in key performance indicators (KPIs) for each participant in the deal-making ecosystem. From accelerated order fulfillment to enhanced accuracy in procurement, the granular impact of our solution manifested in tangible improvements that significantly elevated the operational standards for all stakeholders involved. This result underscores our team's commitment to delivering solutions that not only meet but exceed the expectations of our clients.

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