Freight Bidding Platform

Online marketplace that provides brokers the possibility to book the best suitable loads by selecting from the carriers that bid on the posted truckload.


  • Client: Broker Agency
  • Industry: Logistics, Transportation, Brokering
  • Location: United States
  • Team: Angular Developer, NodeJS Developer, Project Manager, QA Engineer, CTO
  • Timeline: 2 months for MVP.
  • Services: Web Development, Quality Assurance, Project Management
  • Tech Stack: Node Js, Angular, Google Maps API, Python, Sails, Gmail API
  • Problem: Open new opportunities for carrier growth and simplify load booking for brokers by gathering the network within the bidding-based system.
  • Product: Online marketplace that provides brokers the possibility to book the best suitable loads by selecting from the carriers that bid on the posted truckload, contains an admin panel and two modules that enable functionality for the deal parties.
  • Result: The truck load board significantly improved the visibility of the scope needs allowing both carriers and brokers to improve and optimize their operation.


The primary goal is to pave the way for expansive carrier growth while simultaneously streamlining the intricate process of load booking for brokers.

The essence of our goal lies in creating novel opportunities for carriers to flourish within a dynamic bidding-based system. We envision a platform that not only simplifies load booking but also becomes a catalyst for the growth of the entire carrier network. Our ambition is to foster an environment where every interaction within the logistics ecosystem contributes to the collective elevation of carriers.

In tandem with this, our client sought to establish an online platform that transcends conventional interfaces. The vision extends beyond a mere digital space; it's about crafting a user-friendly haven that presents a comprehensive map view of available truck loads.

Our goal is to create a functional platform that lays the foundation for a logistics ecosystem where carriers thrive, brokers operate with unparalleled efficiency.


First of all, embedded within the product's architecture are an adept admin panel and two finely-tuned modules, meticulously designed to empower the key players in the deal-making arena.

For carriers, the journey through the solution is a symphony of efficiency:

- Initiating their bidding prowess is streamlined as they seamlessly create accounts, seamlessly linked to Gmail authentication.

- Configuring truck locations becomes a precision-driven task, allowing carriers to specify load details, consider weights, and set precise pickup/delivery timelines.

- A comprehensive repository of available loads awaits, enriched with vital details such as dimensions, destinations, and team specifications.

- Carriers seamlessly provide contact information to the selected broker.

On the other side of the spectrum, brokers find themselves immersed in features that elevate their operational prowess:

- Broadcasting loads to the public network becomes an effortless task, with each post meticulously enriched with specifications catering to diverse transportation needs.

- Navigating through a sea of bids is a strategic endeavor, empowering brokers to select the optimal carrier based on bid amounts and personalized preferences.

- Communication flows seamlessly as brokers can directly contact the carrier's company via Gmail, facilitating efficient and direct booking of the designated truck.


The truck load board stands as a pivotal enhancement, casting a spotlight on the intricate needs of the industry. This newfound visibility has become a catalyst for transformation, providing carriers and brokers with the tools to not just improve but truly optimize their operational landscapes.

Within this system, operational complexities dissolve, making way for streamlined processes that redefine how both parties conduct business. The burden of manual work diminishes, replaced by an environment where efficiency takes center stage. It's a shift in the paradigm of how carriers and brokers navigate the logistics domain.

In essence, the result is a harmonious blend of enhanced visibility, operational efficiency, and a tangible reduction in the time invested in manual tasks. The project's impact is not just measured in incremental improvements but in the profound transformation of how carriers and brokers traverse the dynamic landscape of truckload logistics.

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