Freight Bidding Platform

Online marketplace that provides brokers the possibility to book the best suitable loads selecting from the carriers that bid on the posted truck load.

Client's goal

Open new opportunities for carrier growth and simplify load booking for brokers by gathering the network within the bidding-based system.


Online platform with a user-friendly interface that presents available truck loads in the map view. Its system contains an admin panel and two modules that enable the functionality for the deal parties.

Carries can use the solution to:

  • Create a bidding account logging into the system using Gmail,
  • Set up truck location specifying load, weight, pickup/delivery dates,
  • Review available loads with details (dimensions, destination, team, etc.),
  • Send bids to the chosen broker providing contact information.

Brokers can benefit from the platform by:

  • Posting loads with the specification to the public network,
  • Selecting the fitting carrier basing on the bid amount,
  • Contacting its company directly via Gmail to book the truck.

  • Result

    The truck load board improved the visibility of the scope needs allowing both carriers and brokers to improve and optimize their operation.


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