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Pure Cover is an online service that helps people to find the best health, life, pet, and other types of insurance through exploration and comparison of the offered policies. Pure Cover helps you save time and money by finding you the best UK life insurance quotes possible. It works with top life insurance brokers and providers to provide you with bespoke quotes for your specific life insurance needs.

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Insurance policies are complicated, and low premiums don’t always mean good value. We believe that everyone should understand the policy they’re taking out. That’s why we review all UK companies and brokers – deconstructing and simplifying their products and policies, so nothing in those pesky Ts & Cs comes back to bite you.


An online web application that allows people who need insurance not only to explore and compare the variety of available offers but also be used by vendors as a lead generation system.

The application enables traffic handling for vendors directing to them customers from their target audience after they complete a survey application form and communicate with a team of independent experts.


Pure Cover makes the process of researching and finding the best life insurance plan fast and easy. It is important to note that we are not a life insurance provider. Rather, we are a third-party offering unbiased information, and we partner with a range of different providers to help you find maximum coverage for the best deal.


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