Interactive Photo Booths Map

Online platform that allows people to find and check the availability of photo zones and other photo pass systems in European countries.


  • Website:
  • Client: Photobooths Production Company
  • Industry: Entertainment
  • Location: Belgium
  • Team: PHP Developer, Project Manager, QA Engineer
  • Timeline: 1 month for MVP phase.
  • Services: Web Development, Quality Assurance, Project Management
  • Tech Stack: PHP, Laravel, MySQL, OpenStreetMap API, Bing Maps API, Google Maps API
  • Problem: Help facility owners gain more visitors by improving community awareness about the property's location and availability.
  • Product: Web interactive map that shows GEO locations of photo booths within the selected territory (cities of Belgium and some other European countries) on different map views.
  • Result: The solution significantly raised the popularity of photo pass systems, and the flexibility to find and use them.


Embarking on a mission to enhance facility visibility and attract more visitors, the core product idea revolves around empowering facility owners. The aim is to bolster community awareness regarding the property's location and availability, ultimately driving increased foot traffic and engagement.

The client's vision extends beyond a conventional solution. It involves the creation of a cutting-edge multi-map platform that offers users the autonomy to tailor their own interface. This unique approach empowers users to select the most intuitive and personalized interface, adding an extra layer of customization to the overall experience. The challenge lies in seamlessly integrating this dynamic multi-map functionality, ensuring a user-friendly yet sophisticated platform that aligns with the diverse preferences of the user base.


Web Interactive Map

Our team has crafted a sophisticated web interactive map designed to showcase the geographical locations of photo booths within a user-selected territory. Specifically, this encompasses cities in Belgium and several other European countries. The map serves as a comprehensive guide for users seeking photo booth options in their preferred regions.

Multilingual Information

Our solution goes beyond just locations. Catering to a diverse audience, the map provides essential information in three languages: Dutch (NL), French (FR), and English (EN). This includes details on working hours, pricing, card payment options, wheelchair accessibility, and suggested routes, ensuring a seamless experience for users of different linguistic backgrounds.

Email Photo Booth Profiles

As part of our commitment to user convenience and personalization, the interactive map offers a unique feature that allows users to seamlessly send photo booth profiles directly to their provided email addresses. This functionality serves as a practical tool for users looking to organize and keep track of their preferred photo booth options.

Upon finding a photo booth that aligns with their preferences, users can simply click a button to have the photo booth profile details, including location, working hours, prices, payment options, accessibility features, and suggested routes, sent directly to their email. This not only facilitates easy reference but also enables users to share their findings with friends, making the process of planning and coordinating photo booth experiences more collaborative.

With the ability to receive detailed photo booth information directly in their inbox, users can take their time to review and compare options, ensuring a well-informed decision when selecting the perfect photo booth for their needs. This email feature adds an extra layer of convenience and flexibility to the overall user experience, making the exploration and selection of photo booths a personalized and efficient process.


The implemented solution played a pivotal role in elevating the popularity and accessibility of photo pass systems, offering users a level of flexibility that was previously unmatched. By redefining the landscape of photo pass technology, our product not only met the existing demand but became a catalyst for its widespread adoption. Users experience a seamless and efficient process, enhancing their overall satisfaction and utilization of the technology.

The success story of our solution continues to unfold as it undergoes continuous evolution and expansion. With an unwavering commitment to innovation, the product is experiencing robust growth, introducing new functionalities that further enhance its utility. This strategic approach ensures that the solution remains at the forefront of technological advancements, providing users with cutting-edge features that align with the dynamic needs of the industry.

Moreover, the geographic reach of the product has expanded, signaling its relevance and adaptability across diverse regions. The solution's ability to transcend geographical boundaries speaks to its universal appeal and adaptability, positioning it as a formidable player in the global market. The ongoing growth trajectory and geographical expansion are indicative not only of the product's success but also of its sustained impact on shaping and advancing the domain of photo pass systems.

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