Landing Page Builder

Online web platform that provides you with simple tooling to build a landing page for business or personal purposes without any coding knowledge.


  • Client: Marketing Agency
  • Industry: Sales, Marketing
  • Location: UK
  • Team: React Developer, Node Developer, Project Manager, QA Engineer, CTO
  • Timeline: 2 months for MVP phase.
  • Services: Discovery Phase, Web Development, Quality Assurance, Project Management
  • Tech Stack: React, Amazon Web Services, Node.js, Express.js, MongoDB, Redux, MERN stack
  • Problem: Make it easy for startups to initiate online presence and marketing of their products by minimizing expenses and required time.
  • Product: Web application that enables the automatic building of landing pages and custom fill-out forms using Embedded Javascript templates that can be customized to user needs.
  • Result: The developed web solution became a competitive product on the market in such tools for the SME sector.


The main product challenge is crafting a comprehensive solution, the primary focus which is to simplify the initiation of online presence and marketing for startups. This entails minimizing both expenses and the time required for these critical steps. Beyond that, the client's vision extends to providing a user-friendly platform, ensuring a remarkably simple and swift process for any regular user to create impactful landing pages. This challenge involves seamlessly integrating efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and user simplicity into a unified product that empowers startups in establishing a robust online presence without the usual complexities.

Moreover, the challenge lies in designing a platform that not only caters to the specific needs of startups but also facilitates a rapid and hassle-free creation of landing pages. The emphasis is on providing tools and features that are intuitively accessible, allowing users without extensive technical expertise to effortlessly showcase their products or services.

Navigating this challenge involves a careful balance between cutting-edge technology and user-centric design. The goal is to empower startups with a tool that not only meets their unique marketing needs but does so in a way that is accessible to a broad spectrum of users.

In essence, the challenge is to create a product that serves as a catalyst for startups, enabling them to navigate the digital landscape with ease, cost-effectiveness, and efficiency. It's about providing a gateway for emerging businesses to establish a compelling online presence that resonates with their target audience.


The web application is designed to revolutionize the creation of landing pages and custom fill-out forms. Leveraging Embedded JavaScript templates, users can seamlessly build and customize pages tailored to their unique needs. The process is not only intuitive but also efficient, thanks to drag-and-drop modules that simplify the management of fields within the landing pages.


Choose from a diverse array of Embedded JavaScript templates to kickstart your landing page creation. These templates serve as a foundation, offering flexibility for customization while ensuring a professional and polished appearance. Whether you're promoting a product, event, or service, our templates cater to various needs, providing a dynamic starting point for your unique content.


Tailor your landing pages with precision through our platform's user-friendly general settings. Adjust key parameters such as layout, color schemes, and fonts to align with your brand identity. These customizable settings empower you to create a cohesive and visually appealing online presence that resonates with your audience.


Harness the power of data with seamless tracking code integration. Our platform allows you to effortlessly embed tracking codes, enabling comprehensive analytics and insights into user behavior. Monitor and analyze the performance of your landing pages to refine your strategy and enhance user engagement.

Lead Management

Efficiently manage and organize leads with our integrated lead management system. Capture and store user information seamlessly, ensuring that you have a centralized hub for all your potential customers. Streamline your lead nurturing process and enhance your conversion strategies with our intuitive lead management features.


Platform goes beyond just creation; it offers integrated plans and billing features. Unlock the full potential of subscription options through our integrated payment gateway. Tailor plans to suit your business model, and seamlessly manage billing to ensure a hassle-free experience for both you and your users. Whether you're offering free trials or premium packages, our plans and billing system provides the flexibility to monetize your offerings effortlessly.


Our team spearheaded the development of a robust web solution that swiftly ascended to becoming a standout product in the highly competitive landscape of tools tailored for the SME sector. The project's overarching goal was to deliver a cutting-edge solution that would not only meet but exceed the evolving needs of small and medium-sized enterprises. The value proposition was clear – to provide business owners with a tool that could streamline operations, enhance efficiency, and deliver tangible savings.

The impact of our web solution reverberated across the SME sector, where numerous business owners found a powerful ally in their pursuit of efficiency. By offering a comprehensive set of features, our product emerged as a game-changer, enabling businesses to navigate the digital realm without the traditional complexities associated with custom landing development. The time and cost savings realized by the end-users were transformative, allowing them to allocate resources more strategically and focus on core business activities.

The result was not merely the creation of a competitive product; it was the establishment of a pivotal tool that catalyzed positive change for businesses within the SME ecosystem. The web solution's success was rooted in its ability to empower entrepreneurs, providing them with a cost-effective and time-efficient alternative for establishing a robust online presence. In essence, our team's contribution went beyond crafting software, it played a pivotal role in enhancing the operational landscape for countless SMEs, fostering growth and resilience in a dynamic market.

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