Network Management System

Custom network management system with high-performance and uninterrupted web browsing experiences in specific locations.


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  • Client: Best IoT Startup in the USA of 2018
  • Industry: Internet of Things, Wireless, IT
  • Location: United States
  • Team: Backend Developers - 2, React Developers - 3, Mobile Developers - 4, Project Manager, QA Engineers - 3, CTO
  • Timeline: 6 months for MVP, 3 years for ongoing development.
  • Services: Discovery Phase, UI/UX design, Mobile Development, Web Development, Quality Assurance, Project Management
  • Tech Stack: React, React Native, PHP, MySQL, Android, iOS,, Redux, Google Maps API, Symfony
  • Problem: Provide convenient system usability and scalability so that hardware (IoT-connected products) users can ensure high-performance and uninterrupted experience for web browsing in specific locations.
  • Product: A user-friendly multi-platform network management system that comes with different features.
  • Result: Our IoT network solution is currently available in App Store, Play Market and online.


The core idea centers on providing a level of convenience that transcends traditional systems. Our client envisions a solution where the usability of the system is not just intuitive but tailored to the diverse needs of IoT-connected hardware users. Simultaneously, scalability takes center stage, ensuring that as hardware expands, the system effortlessly accommodates growth while maintaining a consistently high level of performance.

The goal is to create an environment where users wield control over their hardware, guaranteeing a user-centric experience that aligns seamlessly with their expectations.

The specificity of locations becomes a pivotal aspect of this vision. It's not just about connectivity; it's about delivering an uninterrupted web browsing experience precisely where it matters most. Tailoring the system to thrive in specific locations ensures that users encounter an unprecedented level of reliability and performance.


The Network Management System is robust and user-centric multi-platform network management system, a product that transcends the conventional boundaries of network administration. This sophisticated system is equipped with an array of features meticulously designed to cater to the diverse needs of users, delivering an unparalleled network management experience. The product encapsulates an extensive set of functionalities, revolutionizing the monitoring, management, and maintenance of network performance using both web and mobile application.

Web Dashboard

The web application of the network management system is presented via multifunctional dashboard allowing users to monitor all the process of network and node connections, giving the user the different options and control flow.

Monitoring of Network Performance

The network monitors the intricacies of network dynamics with real-time or customized dashboards. Monitors the pulse of your network, accurately distinguishing the nuances of performance.

Management of Devices, Nodes, Asset Points

This means that customers can navigate the network landscape with unparalleled ease using an interactive map view. Manage devices, nodes, and asset points seamlessly, gaining comprehensive control over your network infrastructure.

Maintenance of Network Stability

Users can ensure the required network stability and connection quality as the product becomes a guardian, preserving the integrity and reliability of your network.

Provision of Quality User Experience

Users are guided towards the zenith of connectivity with insightful recommendations, ensuring an optimal and gratifying user journey.

The development team has meticulously crafted a product that goes beyond mere functionality. It is a testament to innovation, a manifestation of user-centric design, and a tool that empowers users to navigate the intricate realm of network management with confidence and efficacy.

Mobile App

The React Native Mobile application allows users to enjoy almost all the feature that web dashboard has, including networks monitoring, node managing and device control.

BLE Integration

Another major feature that mobile app facilitates is the possibility for user to switch on/off the device via bluetooth if the user is nearby. It helps a lot when the user needs to restart the node immediately without the internet access.


Crafted in response to both initial and evolving requirements, the solution is a testament to a meticulous alignment with client and user expectations. From design nuances to functional intricacies and usability benchmarks, every facet has been sculpted to resonate with the needs of both entities.

This dynamic solution goes beyond mere creation; it's a facilitator, enabling the seamless management of both existing and newly established Wi-Fi networks. The complexities of network maintenance and control have unraveled, offering a cohesive application that resonates through digital marketplaces such as the App Store, Play Market, and online realms.

As the solution permeates these platforms, it becomes a linchpin in the client company's trajectory of growth. A symbiotic relationship forms, not only with existing devices but also with the burgeoning IoT platform. It's not just a culmination of development efforts; it's a living, evolving entity that propels the client company forward in the ever-expanding landscape of interconnected technologies.

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