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E-learning platform serves as a contemporary course-building and online learning tool designed to assist educators, instructors, and students globally in their journey towards online education.


  • Client: eLearning Startup
  • Industry: eLearning, EdTech
  • Location: Ukraine
  • Team: React Developer, Node Developer, Project Manager, QA Engineer, CTO
  • Timeline: 4 months
  • Services: Web Development, Quality Assurance, Project Management
  • Tech Stack: React, Node.js, Express.js, Mailchimp API, Paypal API, PostgreSQL, Redux, Typescript, Active Campaign API, UI/UX design
  • Problem: Create a new way for anyone who wants to share knowledge with no bounds.
  • Product: The solution provides each user with a personal dashboard to create online products.
  • Result: E-learning platform is an efficient tool that empowers coaches, mentors, and teachers so they can provide an immersive learning experience for their students around the globe.


In response to our client's objectives, our team has meticulously crafted a versatile solution designed to empower businesses in various dimensions. The focal points revolve around enabling our clients to effortlessly curate online courses, webinars, challenges, or any bespoke event tailored to their business requisites. Our sophisticated builder allows for seamless customization, ensuring a look and feel that harmonizes seamlessly with the unique brand identity of each client.

Moreover, our solution extends beyond the mere creation of events. It provides a strategic approach to audience engagement by facilitating the invitation of new prospects. Harnessing the potential of diverse online platforms such as websites, Facebook, Instagram, and other social media channels, our clients can effectively promote their courses and broaden their reach.

The user journey is optimized for efficiency, emphasizing a streamlined process from registration to course commencement. Encouraging audience participation, our system facilitates swift registration, seamless payment processing, and prompt access to course content. In essence, the idea of a solution not only meets the specified criteria but exceeds expectations by delivering a comprehensive, user-friendly experience for both the organizers and participants.


At the core of our solution lies a transformative framework that empowers every user with a personalized dashboard, cultivating a realm where online product creation becomes an intuitive and dynamic experience. Our system is intricately designed to accommodate a diverse range of offerings, categorized into three distinct types, each catering to unique educational and engagement needs.

Firstly, the platform seamlessly accommodates the creation of comprehensive Courses. Whether you're orchestrating English lessons or curating fitness training programs, our robust toolkit empowers you to craft individualized or group learning environments. This versatility ensures that educators and trainers can tailor their content precisely to meet the evolving demands of their audience.

Secondly, our solution elevates the experience of hosting Webinars. Transcending the conventional boundaries of video delivery, our platform's video tools bring a heightened level of excitement to online lessons and learning sessions. The result is a dynamic and engaging virtual space that captivates audiences and facilitates interactive learning experiences.

Lastly, the platform extends its capabilities to Challenges, offering a unique avenue to guide and motivate students on their journey toward predefined goals. By delivering timely and curated content, our system plays a pivotal role in maintaining the momentum of progress, fostering a sense of achievement and advancement among participants.

In essence, our solution is not merely a tool but a catalyst for innovation in online education and engagement. It empowers users to transcend traditional boundaries, offering a nuanced and comprehensive approach to content creation and interaction within the digital landscape.


The E-learning platform stands as a revolutionary paradigm, transcending conventional boundaries to become an instrumental conduit for knowledge dissemination without constraints. This transformative tool empowers coaches, mentors, and teachers to orchestrate an immersive and expansive learning experience for students across the global landscape.

In fostering a seamless exchange of knowledge, the platform emerges not just as a facilitator but as a catalyst for unrestricted learning possibilities. It emboldens educators to transcend geographical limitations, enabling them to transcend traditional classroom settings and extend their reach to a global audience. The efficiency of this tool lies not only in its technological prowess but in its ability to redefine the very nature of educational engagement.

By offering a dynamic and inclusive space, E-learning platform elevates the teaching and learning experience, cultivating an environment where the pursuit of knowledge knows no bounds. This  is a conduit for the democratization of education, a testament to our team's commitment to reshaping the educational landscape on a global scale.

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