Pool Management System

Customized pool management system streamlines scheduling, property maintenance, and customer relationship management, specifically designed for exclusive use by high-tier pool operators.


  • Client: Enterprise
  • Industry: Real Estate, Pools
  • Location: UK
  • Team: React Developer, PHP Developer, Project Manager, QA Engineer, CTO
  • Timeline: 5 months for MVP phase.
  • Services: Web Development, Quality Assurance, Project Management
  • Tech Stack: React, PHP, MySQL, Symfony, simPro
  • Problem: Optimize and centralize the operation of the property with the different locations, demands, and specific requirements for facility maintenance.
  • Product: Custom property management system that allows performing or delegating to the team actions online, required to ensure the proper operation of each facility in the network.
  • Result: The integration of property management software allowed improving the facility management level and decreasing the number of clients' complaints.


In response to the needs of pool operators, our team conceptualized a bespoke pool management system – a sophisticated solution meticulously crafted to streamline scheduling, property maintenance, and customer relationship management. The core essence lies not in the product itself but in the transformative idea it represents.

The client's vision was rooted in the optimization and centralization of property operations across diverse locations, accommodating varying demands and specific facility maintenance requirements. This isn't just a system; it's a strategic initiative designed to elevate operational efficiency, providing a comprehensive solution tailored to the distinctive needs of high-tier pool operators. The value our team brings to the table is embedded in the synergy of technology and operational finesse, positioning this solution as a catalyst for seamless property management within the realm of VIP-grade pool operations.


Within the intricate framework of our fully custom pool management system, the team has meticulously crafted a solution that goes beyond conventional management tools. This system isn't just a digital interface; it's a strategic enabler that empowers users to orchestrate and oversee essential operations crucial for the seamless functioning of each facility within the expansive network.

Users, categorized by distinct access levels, are equipped to navigate a spectrum of responsibilities:

- Strategic scheduling of open hours and closed periods, a dynamic feature adapting to seasonal fluctuations, ensuring optimal operational efficiency for each pool.

- Rigorous facility maintenance tailored to the specific requirements of different seasons, presenting a proactive approach to upkeep and longevity.

- Streamlined invoicing processes utilizing templates, simplifying financial transactions and ensuring adherence to stipulated payment schedules.

- Dynamic handling of additional client requests, from inception to realization, underscoring a commitment to unparalleled client service and satisfaction.

Beyond being a technological innovation, this pool management system stands as a testament to our team's dedication to revolutionizing property management. Its functionalities not only meet but surpass industry standards, establishing an operational paradigm designed to navigate the intricacies of facility management with precision and foresight. Essentially, it serves as a strategic tool that goes beyond the conventional, reshaping the landscape of property management within our network.


The incorporation of pool management software has resulted in a substantial elevation of facility management standards, notably reducing client complaints. This integration has not only raised the bar for operational efficiency but has also streamlined workflows across all employee tiers.

One of the standout benefits is the newfound flexibility in employee management. Owners can effortlessly adjust staffing numbers, duties, and more, devoid of any additional complexities or expenses. This streamlined adaptability ensures seamless operations and safeguarding against any negative impact on pool functionality or the customer experience. The pivotal shift in management dynamics has fortified the operational backbone, amplifying productivity and fostering an environment primed for unparalleled customer satisfaction.

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