Quit Smoking App

Healthcare startup specifically designed to assist individuals looking to transform their lifestyle by offering a comprehensive, step-by-step guide for those who have chosen to quit smoking.


  • Client: Healthcare Startup
  • Industry: Healthcare, Bad Habits
  • Location: Ukraine
  • Team: Flutter Developer, Project Manager, QA Engineer, CTO
  • Timeline: 3 months for MVP phase.
  • Services: Mobile Development, Quality Assurance, Project Management
  • Tech Stack: Node.js, Android, iOS, PostgreSQL, Flutter, UI/UX design, Figma
  • Problem: Make a transitional period for each program participant easier and ensure they have constant access to the required assistance.
  • Product: Cross-platform mobile application for Android and iOS that presents itself as a personal coach on the way to a healthy future.
  • Result: The early-stage startup has already earned positive feedback from its adopters.


At the conceptual core of startup initiative was the aspiration to seamlessly navigate the transitional phase for each program participant, fostering an environment where constant access to indispensable assistance is assured. The client's vision was centered around the development of an application, a versatile tool designed for daily use on accessible devices, thereby alleviating the challenges associated with the transitional period.

This project is a manifestation of empathy and support interwoven into the fabric of a digital solution. By ensuring daily accessibility and ease of use, our team endeavors to transcend the conventional limitations often associated with transitional phases, providing a steadfast resource for participants on their transformative journeys. The emphasis lies not just on the application's functionality but on its role as a reliable ally, a constant presence in the daily lives of those seeking positive change.


Our adept developers engineered a cross-platform mobile application, seamlessly compatible with both Android and iOS, to manifest itself as a personalized guide on the transformative journey toward a healthier future. Through an intricate process of data assimilation, the application tailors an individualized roadmap to combat the psychological grip of cigarette addiction.

This healthcare application serves as a catalyst, guiding smokers through a multifaceted approach that addresses the core facets of their personality, ensuring a sustainable departure from the perilous habit. It strategically navigates the realms of motivation, cultivating a continuous commitment to the program; instilling good habits to alleviate health concerns stemming from the addiction; fostering a resilient mindset as a psychological substitute; and imparting knowledge to fortify a robust argument for the dedicated effort invested in the cessation journey.

1. Motivation

The application strategically cultivates a profound sense of motivation, serving as a consistent catalyst for users to adhere to the program diligently. Through personalized insights and encouragement, it creates a dynamic motivational framework. This ensures not just a sporadic commitment but a sustained and unwavering dedication to the journey of overcoming cigarette addiction.

2. Good Habits

Recognizing the profound impact of ingrained habits on health, the application systematically addresses this aspect. It facilitates a transformative process wherein users are guided to replace detrimental habits with health-centric practices. By resolving health issues stemming from the addictive habit, the app has become a comprehensive tool for fostering positive lifestyle changes.

3. Mindset

Acknowledging the psychological complexities of addiction, the application serves as a powerful ally in reshaping mindset. It offers tailored strategies and resources to provide users with effective psychological substitutes for the addictive behavior. This approach not only tackles immediate challenges but also endeavors to create a sustainable shift in mindset, contributing to a more resilient mental framework.

4. Knowledge

Armed with the belief that knowledge is a potent weapon, the application empowers users with comprehensive information. It goes beyond mere provision of facts, aiming to build a robust pro-argument for the dedicated efforts invested in breaking the addiction. By fostering a deep understanding of the detrimental effects and the benefits of cessation, the app equips users with a strong intellectual foundation to fortify their commitment.

This project extends beyond coding and technology, it epitomizes a transformative journey toward holistic well-being. By intricately influencing the four dimensions of motivation, habits, mindset, and knowledge, our team has crafted not just an application but a strategic ally in the enduring battle against the perils of cigarette addiction.


In its nascent stages, our startup has garnered commendations from its early adopters, a testament to the tangible value our team has infused into its foundation. These accolades resonate with the seamless integration of a visually appealing interface and swift performance, creating an immersive user experience. Beyond aesthetics and speed, the resounding praise is anchored in the provision of practical and beneficial tips and techniques strategically embedded within the platform, offering substantive support for those on the journey to quit smoking. This early acclaim serves as an affirming validation of the impactful result our team has achieved – not just in the creation of a startup but in the genuine and positive impact it has on the lives of its users.

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