Sales Intelligence Solution

Sales intelligence solution that helps sales teams to get more leads and speed up the process of converting them to real customers.


  • Industry: Sales, Marketing
  • Location: United States
  • Team: Laravel PHP Developers - 2, Project Manager, QA Engineers - 2, CTO
  • Timeline: 2 months for MVP.
  • Services: Discovery Phase, Web Development, Quality Assurance, Project Management
  • Tech Stack: PHP, Node.js, Yii, Pusher,, Nginx, Linkedin API, NightmareJS
  • Problem: Simplify the performance of lead generation and sales operations by automating routine tasks.
  • Product: Web generation tool that helps to find appropriate leads, define their contact info, and reach out to them with an engaging message via email.
  • Result: The solution was implemented in the company sales department and allowed to improve sales development representatives' KPIs.


The core concept of our product lies a profound goal - to redefine the landscape of lead generation and sales operations by infusing automation into the fabric of routine tasks. The primary objective is not merely to simplify but to revolutionize, granting our users the freedom to divert their energies towards what truly matters: the cultivation of meaningful customer relationships and the art of closing deals.

The goal is to empower our users, allowing them to pivot from the mundane chores of daily operations and refocus on the intricate dance of building lasting connections with customers.

In a world inundated with tasks and timelines, solution stands as a beacon of efficiency, a testament to the capabilities our team brings to the table. It's not about selling a product; it's about offering a gateway to a more streamlined, meaningful, and impactful way of conducting business.


Innovative web generation tool, a dynamic solution designed to revolutionize your lead generation journey. This cutting-edge product goes beyond traditional methods, offering a comprehensive suite of features aimed at discovering fitting leads, extracting their contact information, and engaging them with compelling messages via email.

At the core of this powerhouse is a sophisticated campaign management system, meticulously crafted to elevate your outreach strategy.

Range of modules, each seamlessly integrated for a seamless user experience:

  • Browser Bot for Sales Navigator

Elevate lead discovery with our browser bot, conducting searches on Sales Navigator while emulating human behavior, ensuring a more human touch to your interactions.

  • Email Retriever (Anymail Finder)

Uncover leads' mailbox addresses effortlessly with our state-of-the-art email retriever. Anymail Finder ensures a comprehensive and accurate compilation of contact details, empowering your outreach efforts.

  • Email Template Builder

Craft compelling messages effortlessly with our intuitive email template builder. Simplify A/B testing, ensuring your messages resonate effectively and elevate your email campaigns to new heights.

  • Email Campaign Manager

Amplify your outreach strategy with our Email Campaign Manager powered by Mailgun. Send out personalized and targeted mailings, fostering meaningful connections with your leads.

  • User Management

Tailor access levels effortlessly with our user management module. Assign varied access levels to team members, optimizing workflow, and enhancing overall productivity.


Web tool seamlessly integrated into the core of the company's sales department, sparking a remarkable upswing in the key performance indicators (KPIs) of our sales development representatives. It wasn't just an implementation; it was a transformation that reverberated through the sales landscape.

Beyond the immediate impact on individual KPIs, tool emerged as a time-saving virtuoso for sales managers and lead generators. The days of laborious manual research and the tedious task of populating CRM with information became relics of the past. Our solution became the catalyst for efficiency, allowing the team to divert their energies to more strategic endeavors, fostering a dynamic shift in how information was curated and utilized.

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