Ship Safety Management System

Valhall is an Environmental Health and Safety management system to help maritime shipping companies meet international standards like ISM Code concerning safety management, operation and pollution prevention.

Client's goal

Ensure employee and operational safety on the international standard level and ease and speed up safety assurance procedure without losing its efficiency.


Data-driven enterprise software solution that contains a database of the various regulations and restrictions concerning environment and waste management, occupational health and medical, safety, and industrial hygiene.

The multi-module web application also is server-based that enables offline access to the necessary information even if ships are out of the network covered areas. As long as the Internet connection is available all saved updates go online. In low bandwidth conditions, the app is able to replicate the content.

  • DMS (Document Management System) for workflow optimization;
  • Risk Management for increasing accuracy of their evaluation;
  • Environmental Management to minimize surrounding pollution;
  • Configuration: safety management, training content, revision statuses;
  • Audit for regular and occasional system compliance revisions;

  • General: company offices, vessels, departments, MSDS locations, users;
  • Daily Reports for constant monitoring of operational conditional;
  • Work Permission Requests to ensure ship safety before sailing;
  • Compliance to see the global company situation concerning safety;
  • Statistics and Reports to improve strategic planning and execution;
  • Payment/Billing System to simplify payment-related operations.


The custom safety management system was successfully integrated and employed that resulted in the overall operational scope optimization within the company.

Even with the company growth, the solution proved its conformity and efficiency to ensure compliance of the necessary regulations, staff and fleet safety as well as proper risk management.


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