Ship Safety Management System

Valhall serves as a system for managing Environmental Health and Safety, aiding maritime shipping companies in aligning with international standards.


  • Client: Marine Transportation Enterprise
  • Industry: Logistics, Transportation, Marine Safety
  • Location: Norway
  • Team: Laravel PHP Developers -4, Project Manager, QA Engineers - 2, CTO
  • Timeline: 12 months
  • Services: Discovery Phase, Web Development, Quality Assurance, Project Management
  • Tech Stack: PHP, Laravel, MySQL, Nginx
  • Problem: Ensure operational safety on the international standard level and speed up the safety assurance procedure without losing its efficiency.
  • Product: Data-driven enterprise software solution that contains a database of the various regulations concerning environment/waste management, occupational health, medical, safety, and industrial hygiene.
  • Result: The custom safety management system was successfully integrated which resulted in the overall operational scope optimization within the company.


Embarking on a mission to elevate operational safety to international standards, our team envisioned a product that not only ensures compliance but also expedites safety assurance procedures without compromising efficiency. In a world where constant connectivity isn't guaranteed, our goal extended beyond the ordinary.

Our team sought to empower users with a solution that goes beyond the limitations of sporadic internet access. We aspired to craft a tool that could seamlessly replicate content and store it offline. This wasn't just about meeting safety standards; it was about ensuring accessibility and functionality even in the face of connectivity challenges.

In essence, our team's goal was not merely to develop a safety app; it was to usher in a new era where operational safety is synonymous with adaptability and reliability. The emphasis was on showcasing the prowess of our team to create solutions that transcend conventional boundaries, ensuring safety isn't compromised, irrespective of the digital landscape.


We sculpted data-driven enterprise software solution that stands as a testament to our team's prowess. Within this digital tapestry, we intricately wove a database, a repository of knowledge that encapsulates the myriad regulations governing environmental and waste management, occupational health, medical standards, safety protocols, and industrial hygiene.

Multi-module web application, server-based, that extends its capabilities even when ships sail beyond the realms of network coverage.

The core features are the following:

DMS (Document Management System)

-An efficient conductor of workflows, streamlines document journeys and optimizes digital processes seamlessly.

Risk Management:

- Strengthening operational safety and compliance hinges on refining the precision in risk evaluation.

Environmental Management:

- Environmental protector carefully designed to minimize environmental pollution, offering a digital shield for the ecosystem.

Configuration Safety Management:

- Compass in the sea of safety, navigating through configurations, training content, and revision statuses with unparalleled accuracy.

Audit Module

- Conducting regular and occasional system compliance revisions, ensuring the integrity of the operational landscape.

General Overview:

- Panoramic view encompassing company offices, vessels, departments, MSDS locations, and user profiles, providing a holistic insight into the organizational architecture.

Daily Reports:

- Reports for constant monitoring of operational conditionals, that every pulse of the system is captured.

Work Permission Requests:

- Digital safeguard, meticulously crafted to ensure ship safety before each voyage, adding an extra layer of assurance.

Compliance Overview:

- Insights into the global company situation concerning safety, a strategic vantage point for compliance management.

Statistics and Reports:

- Data-driven compass, charting the course for improved strategic planning and execution.

Payment/Billing System:

- Simplifying payment-related operations and ensuring a frictionless financial landscape.


The seamless integration of our custom safety management system marked a transformative milestone, catalyzing a holistic optimization of the company's operational landscape. As the organization burgeoned with growth, the efficacy of our solution emerged as a stalwart guardian, ensuring not only conformity but also operational efficiency.

The system stands resilient, guaranteeing compliance with the necessary regulations that govern the industry. It has become more than a solution as it evolved into a safeguard for staff and fleet safety, creating a fortified haven in the midst of operational complexities.

Amidst the dynamic currents of business expansion, our solution emerged as a beacon of proper risk management, navigating the company through challenges with finesse.

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