Social Networking App

Mobile cross-platform solution that is aimed to bring in social networking under the bar lights.


  • Client: Social Community
  • Industry: Entertainment
  • Location: United States
  • Team: Mobile Developers - 2, Project Manager, QA Engineer, CTO
  • Timeline: 3 months for MVP.
  • Services: Discovery Phase, UI/UX design, Mobile Development, Quality Assurance, Project Management
  • Tech Stack: React Native, Firebase, Android, iOS, Redux, Google Maps API
  • Problem: Provide a local community with a tool that simply turns their favorite activities into a bonding opportunity.
  • Product: Multi-platform mobile application (Android & iOS) to enjoy the party lifestyle with a good company that can be easily found nearby thanks to the following features
  • Result: The selected approach and tech stack for social networking app development allowed us to fulfill the solution purpose without compromises.


At the heart of this application lies a visionary idea - to seamlessly transform favorite activities in the bar into more than just pastimes, but opportunities for genuine community bonding.

The client's inspired vision gave birth to an offline club, a haven for mutual interest followers, and now seeks to elevate the communal experience by introducing an app designed to foster easy communication and amplify the joy derived from shared interests, where like-minded individuals could gather.

In extending this vision to the digital realm, the aim is to introduce an app designed to amplify the camaraderie within this club, allowing members to communicate effortlessly and, most importantly, to have more fun.

Through this initiative, the goal is to create an inclusive space where individuals can seamlessly engage, fostering a vibrant community that transcends the boundaries of conventional social platforms.


Innovative multi-platform mobile application, designed to infuse life with vibrant social experiences. This dynamic app, compatible with both Android and iOS, seamlessly blends technology with the essence of socializing.

People search based on location

App leverages location-based people search. No more navigating through endless profiles; instead, effortlessly find like-minded individuals in your vicinity, ensuring your social circle aligns with your surroundings.

Friends list and chat rooms

Also, Stay seamlessly connected with the friends who matter most through personalized friends lists and interactive chat rooms. Nurture your social bonds, share your experiences, and make every moment memorable through the app's intuitive communication features.

Bar locator and user presence checker

Furthermore, you can navigate the city's nightlife with ease using a bar locator, ensuring you never miss out on the hottest spots. The Bar Locator feature guides users to the hottest spots in town, ensuring that the party is always where the action is. The User Presence Checker adds a layer of excitement, letting users know who's already in the vicinity, creating an anticipatory buzz for unforgettable encounters.

Online private and public games

Users can delve into a realm of engaging experiences with app, immersing themselves in a variety of online private and public games. These games inject an exciting element of fun and camaraderie into social interactions, offering everything from virtual challenges to collaborative endeavors. Whether you're seeking friendly competition or cooperative adventures, these games provide a delightful twist to your social gatherings, ensuring that every moment is infused with shared enjoyment and lively connections.


By embracing a carefully curated approach and employing cutting-edge technology stacks in the development of social networking app, we've not just met but exceeded the objectives of our solution.

This strategic choice has paved the way for an inclusive user experience, enabling every individual to seamlessly integrate into their local community, irrespective of the number of friends physically around them. The intricate interplay of our chosen approach and technology has given life to a product that goes beyond the conventional, fostering a sense of belonging and connectivity within the digital realm.

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