Tradespeople Marketplace

A digital platform connecting homeowners seeking repair services with skilled professionals available to fulfill their requests.


  • Client: Ventured Startup
  • Industry: Services, Marketplace
  • Location: UK
  • Team: PHP Developers, Project Manager, QA Engineer, CTO
  • Timeline: 4 months for MVP phase.
  • Services: Web Development, Quality Assurance, Project Management
  • Tech Stack: Laravel, MySQL, Mailgun API, Pusher, Stripe API,, Google Maps API, and jQuery
  • Problem: Connecting local service providers and people with a need for property improvements.
  • Product: B2C online marketplace with an integrated complex messaging system with notifications.
  • Result: The chosen web app development approach allowed us to reach all usability and performance requirements of the client.


Our client envisioned a transformative connection between local service providers and individuals seeking property improvements. The core objective was to empower both small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) within the business landscape and discern customers in need of skilled, specialized professionals. Our team brought this vision to life, creating a platform that not only bridges these connections but fosters a collaborative ecosystem for seamless property enhancement experiences.

We crafted a solution that goes beyond mere transactions, shaping an inclusive community where SMEs find a platform to showcase their expertise, and customers discover a network of qualified specialists to elevate their property improvement projects. This project is not just about connecting dots, it's about fostering a dynamic synergy that propels local businesses and enriches the lives of those seeking exceptional property enhancements.


We conceived and brought to life a dynamic B2C online marketplace, seamlessly integrating a sophisticated messaging system enriched with notifications. The multifaceted solution extends a comprehensive array of functionalities, meticulously designed to empower all stakeholders - customers and service providers alike - alongside providing robust tools for efficient platform administration.

For Customers:

- Elevate your experience with hassle-free account creation and management.

- Navigate through a curated pool of skilled tradespeople via a refined search.

- Seamlessly place requests on the Homeowner Project Board.

- Utilize advanced contact tools for effective negotiation with potential service executives.

- Simplify contract formation through our innovative Online Contract Builder.

- Facilitate secure deal transactions via our integrated payment gateway.

- Safeguard your investment with a deposit-based system for customer money protection.

- Access a dedicated order-related dispute resolution service for enhanced peace of mind.

For Service Providers:

- Propel your entrepreneurial journey with seamless account creation and maintenance.

- Receive and evaluate offers within your operational radius through an intuitive map view.

- Stay organized and informed with an entrepreneur dashboard and comprehensive tender tracking.

- Foster effective communication with potential clients using our intuitive messaging tool.

- Streamline order management through a user-friendly panel to ensure timely task fulfillment.

- Access a dedicated order-related dispute resolution service, ensuring fair and efficient conflict resolution.

Our product isn't just a marketplace, it's a transformative ecosystem designed to elevate the interactions between customers and service providers, backed by robust features and a commitment to enhancing the overall experience for all involved parties.


Our strategic web app development approach not only met but exceeded the stringent usability and performance requirements set by our discerning client. The platform's users have enthusiastically embraced the newfound capability to expedite deal-making processes, lauding our team for seamlessly integrating functionality that goes beyond expectations. Our commitment to excellence has not only met the demands of the project but has elevated user satisfaction, marking a significant milestone in efficient and streamlined deal facilitation within the designated functionality scope.

Users are reveling in the newfound efficiency and ease of navigating the platform, appreciating the seamless integration of features that not only meet but anticipate their needs. Our team's dedication to delivering excellence has not only met project requirements but has sparked a shift in how users experience and engage with the platform, setting a new standard for swift and effective deal-making within the provided functionality spectrum. This accomplishment underscores our commitment to delivering not just a product but a transformative solution that resonates with and enhances the user experience.

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