Web & Mobile Logistics Platform

Web and mobile platform designed for logistics purposes that allows you to easily track and manage orders through an app with integrated map and routing APIs.


  • Client: Startup
  • Industry: Logistics
  • Location: India
  • Team: UI/UX designer
  • Timeline: 1 month
  • Services: UI/UX Design, Project Management
  • Tech Stack: Android, iOS, UI/UX design, Figma.
  • Problem: Raise the service visibility of logistics providers to improve operational efficiency and customer experience.
  • Product: Web and mobile platform that allows easy order tracking and management. The application with integrated map APIs and routing was developed for logistics purposes.
  • Result: Our professional design team created modern UI and UX that beneficially reflect the client's concept and allows moving forward to product development and further launch.


At the epicenter of our project lies a fundamental concept – to amplify the visibility of logistics service providers, thereby catalyzing an evolution in operational efficiency and elevating the customer experience.

In response to the client's vision, our mission was to curate a seamless interface that not only encapsulates innovative ideas but also intricately integrates the client's unique business perspective into the very fabric of our designs. We embarked on a journey to transcend the ordinary, to transform a user interface into an intuitive portal that not only communicates functionality but embodies the ethos of the logistics service.

The infusion of great UI/UX doesn't just enhance aesthetics, it becomes a conduit for a heightened understanding of the intricacies of logistics services, culminating in a product that doesn't just serve but resonates with the core values of the logistics provider. This is more than design, it's an idea realized, a vision materialized to redefine the perception and experience of logistics service provision.


At the nexus of our endeavors, the Springs team undertook the meticulous crafting of a user interface and user experience for a multi-faceted solution, harmonizing the complex interplay of 5 distinct user roles. Each role, nuanced in its responsibilities, is bestowed with specific access privileges and a customized map view tailored to navigate the intricacies of ordering data and pathways.

The platform aimed at facilitating seamless interaction within a multi-platform ecosystem. The depth of our project is accentuated by the dynamic intricacies of user roles, each serving as a cog in the operational machinery. From the comprehensive trip dashboard offering a panoramic view to the granular focus on orders, crucial orders, and the proficiency of masters, our user interface is a visual testament to the nuanced layers of functionality within this complex logistics landscape.

Logistics Platform lies in the creation of a navigational compass for diverse user roles, ensuring not just accessibility but precision in their operational endeavors. The design isn't an embellishment, it's a strategic embodiment that mirrors the complexity of logistics operations, harmonizing diverse roles and functionalities into a seamless, user-centric experience. This is the intersection of design and operational functionality, an intricate tapestry that doesn't just adorn but serves as the very fabric of our multi-platform solution.

In crafting the mobile view, our team delves into the intricacies of responsive design, meticulously tailoring the user interface and experience to the unique constraints and opportunities presented by mobile devices. The result is a purposeful optimization, preserving the integrity of the design while enhancing the user's interaction in a mobile context.

It's about delivering an immersive and intuitive experience that resonates with the dynamic nature of mobile usage. Whether on a smartphone or tablet, our mobile view is a testament to our commitment to inclusivity, ensuring that users can seamlessly engage with the product across a spectrum of devices, fostering accessibility and user satisfaction.


In the crucible of our project, our seasoned design team orchestrated the development of a contemporary User Interface (UI) and User Experience (UX) that transcends mere aesthetics. This strategic endeavor mirrors the client's visionary concept, propelling the project forward into the realms of product development and eventual launch.

The result of this design is a visual manifestation of a conceptual blueprint, a crucial bridge linking visionary ideas to tangible execution. The design's merit extends beyond its aesthetic finesse, as it serves as a strategic catalyst, aligning seamlessly with the client's vision and propelling the project into the tangible realm of product development, laying the groundwork for a future launch.

Our team's value proposition lies in this harmonious convergence of design excellence and strategic vision. It's not just about creating a visually appealing interface; it's about laying the foundation for a product that not only resonates with the client's vision but sets the stage for a successful trajectory into the competitive landscape of product development and market launch.

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