Workforce Management System

A multi-tenant system featuring various access levels that enable company managers to engage with different employees through a web application.


  • Client: Private Security Company
  • Industry: Human Resources, SaaS, CRM
  • Location: USA
  • Team: Node Developers - 2, React Developers - 2, React Native Developers - 2, Project Manager, QA Engineers - 2, CTO
  • Timeline: 6 month for MVP, currently ongoing
  • Services: Discovery Phase, UI/UX Design, Web Development, Mobile Development, Quality Assurance, Project Management
  • Tech Stack: Javascript, React, Node, Express, Typescript, React Native, Google Maps API, Stripe API, NFT, QR Code Scanning
  • Problem: Employers and managers spend a lot of time on workforce management, scheduling and control of employees.
  • Product: Web & Mobile solution that helps to control, manage and monitor all workforce activities.
  • Result: The implementation of the system to client's business showed a significant improvement in their operational efficiency.


The core concept of our product revolves around empowering managers to efficiently manage their workforce. With our system, managers can seamlessly schedule work shifts for their employees, making the task of workforce coordination smoother and more effective. Additionally, the platform allows for the creation of customized job forms, streamlining the process of collecting and organizing essential work-related information. This feature adds a layer of flexibility that can cater to a wide range of industries and job types, making it adaptable to various business needs.

Moreover, the product offers a robust employee profile management system. Managers can create comprehensive employee profiles, which store vital information about each employee, making it easily accessible when needed. This not only enhances organization but also ensures that all employee-related data is readily available in one centralized location. In addition, the system provides a holistic view of employees' working activity, displaying crucial data such as working hours, real-time location tracking through methods like NFC tags and QR codes, and even vacation dates. This comprehensive insight into employee activity is invaluable for efficient workforce management.

By offering a combination of shift scheduling, job form creation, and employee profile management, our product provides a comprehensive solution for businesses aiming to optimize their workforce operations. It simplifies the management of employees' schedules, tracks their activities, and ensures that relevant information is readily available to management, ultimately promoting efficiency and productivity in the workplace.


Web Application

The web administration aspect of our product is tailored to meet the managerial and administrative needs of the organization. Managers gain access to a versatile and powerful platform that allows them to efficiently create work shifts for their employees. This feature simplifies the task of personnel coordination and scheduling, ensuring that shifts are organized in a manner that maximizes productivity.

Furthermore, our web administration system offers multi-tenancy and different access levels. This means that company managers can engage with employees effectively through the web application. This is especially valuable in larger organizations where various departments and teams may have different needs and access requirements.

It enables a tailored approach to management and ensures that the right personnel can interact with the right employees, enhancing overall operational efficiency and control. Overall, the web administration component is a comprehensive solution for organizational management, ensuring that all facets of workforce coordination and data access are seamlessly integrated and easily managed.

Designed for a prominent U.S. corporation, this comprehensive product comprises both a web-based platform and a mobile application, enabling users to efficiently manage their workforce. The core features are the following:

  1. Shift Scheduling: Users can create work shifts for employees, facilitating efficient workforce management.
  2. Location Tracking: The system utilizes NFC tags and QR codes to enable users to check employee locations, enhancing attendance accuracy and ensuring workforce safety and security.
  3. Work Hour Tracking: Users can monitor working hours, enabling precise record-keeping and payroll management.
  4. Salary Calculation: The product calculates employee salaries based on job rates, simplifying payroll processes.
  5. Multitenancy: The system offers a multi-tenant architecture, accommodating different levels of access, ensuring secure and personalized interactions for company managers with their employees.

Meanwhile, employees can take advantage of the mobile app, which offers the ability to track work hours, scan attendance checkpoints, complete essential forms, and engage in real-time communication with their managers, fostering a collaborative and efficient work environment.

Mobile Application

The mobile component of our product is designed to empower employees with a user-friendly tool that enhances their work experience. Through this app, employees have the ability to effortlessly track their work hours, ensuring that they maintain accurate records of their time spent on the job. Moreover, the app utilizes cutting-edge technology like QR codes and NFC tags for location tracking, allowing employees to easily check in and out at specific work checkpoints. This not only improves attendance accuracy but also ensures the safety and security of the workforce, as their locations are consistently monitored.

In addition to these core features, our mobile app offers an intuitive platform for employees to complete job-related forms. This functionality streamlines the data collection process, making it simpler for employees to provide essential information. Furthermore, the app facilitates direct communication between employees and their managers through a built-in chat feature. This real-time communication channel fosters collaboration and enables employees to seek immediate assistance or clarification, thus improving overall work efficiency and coordination.


The product we have developed has left a profound mark on our client's business operations. The impact can be seen in various aspects of their day-to-day activities. With the implementation of our system, the client has witnessed a significant improvement in their operational efficiency. It has streamlined their workforce management, making it easier for managers to schedule shifts and oversee employee activities. This has translated into smoother and more productive business operations, reducing administrative overhead, and enabling the client to allocate their resources more effectively. The product has proven to be a valuable tool in optimizing the client's operational processes.

The impact of our product isn't limited to just operational enhancements; it extends to the financial realm as well. The client has experienced tangible financial benefits as a result of the system's implementation. The increased operational efficiency has led to cost savings by reducing the time and effort required for employee management and shifting. Furthermore, the improved workforce coordination has contributed to increased productivity and ultimately revenue growth. Our product has not only proven to be operationally efficient but also financially advantageous, providing the client with a well-rounded return on investment.

In addition to the current impact, our collaboration with the client is poised for continued growth and innovation. The client has a strategic vision of turning the system into a Software as a Service (SaaS) product. As part of this transformative journey, our team remains dedicated to developing new features and functionality that align with this goal. By evolving the system into a SaaS product, the client can offer it as a scalable and accessible solution to a broader audience. This ongoing commitment to feature development demonstrates not only the product's current success but also the potential for future expansion and market reach.

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