Computer Vision Development

Introduce your business to the power of intelligent AI solutions that let machines navigate the streams of visual information.

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Our Computer Vision Development Services

Our computer vision development process combines advanced technology and extensive research in all delivered solutions, letting our clients successfully compete in their respective industries. Springs makes products that handle security measures, quality control, video analysis, and other areas where this technology can be applied.

Custom App Development

Our expert developers craft bespoke applications that leverage the power of computer vision, ensuring a personalized and innovative solution that aligns perfectly with your business objectives.

Computer Vision Consulting

Our experts provide strategic guidance, helping you harness the full potential of computer vision technologies. From identifying optimal solutions to creating a roadmap for implementation, our consulting services ensure that your business stays at the forefront of innovation.

Computer Vision Integration and Maintenance

Beyond seamless implementation, we provide ongoing support and upkeep to guarantee the continuous and optimal functioning of your computer vision solutions. Rely on us for a steadfast commitment to keeping your technology cutting-edge, secure, and performing at its best.

Our Computer Vision Expertise

Products made as part of our computer vision software development services help automate processes and improve decision-making. Our programmers are ready to lend their expertise and knowledge to work on advanced solutions capable of image analysis, video recognition, and other types of computer vision actions.

Image Recognition and Analysis

Springs engineers produce solutions capable of automatically detecting and classifying entities in images, extracting specific features, and facial recognition.

Object Recognition

Our computer vision developers create custom products that automatically detect, track, and label objects in videos and images.

Visual Analysis and Recognition

Our computer vision development experts create advanced products that analyze video feeds allowing solutions to recognize activities, detect objects, and conduct behavior analysis. 


We provide computer vision solutions capable of recognizing printed and handwritten text characters, as well as the context behind the writing, which is perfect for digitizing documentation.

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How Businesses Can Benefit From Computer Vision Solutions

Greater Customer Experience

This technology provides valuable information about client preferences and buying patterns, leading to more tailored experiences for all customers.

Cost Reduction

Computer vision helps detect product defects and reduces the need for human specialists responsible for loss prevention, logistics, inventory control, and other tasks.

Improved Security

Computer vision solutions allow security systems to analyze video feeds and identify potential threats, unauthorized activities, and anomalies.

Effective Supply Lines

With the help of CV technology, businesses easily handle inventory management and logistics operations, ensuring a steady stream of raw materials and finished products.

Top Industries For Computer Vision Development

Retail and eCommerce

This technology helps retailers automate product catalogs, analyze customer engagement and behavior in physical stores, and provide virtual fitting rooms.


Computer vision solutions help farmers detect signs of pests and diseases, in addition to conducting soil and plant growth analysis, resulting in better crop yields.


Computer vision tools automate the production process by independently detecting item defects, evaluating their parts, and assessing possible adjustments.


CV products help doctors detect physical symptoms faster, make more accurate diagnoses, and improve the quality of produced medication.


These applications help vehicles navigate, automatically detect parking lot occupancy, analyze traffic, detect pedestrians, and avoid collisions.


Computer vision tech is a vital component of surveillance systems, being responsible for facial recognition, finding suspicious activity, and monitoring facilities.

Our Computer Vision Development Framework

All applications delivered by our computer vision developers work similarly. This process involves several steps:

Image acquisition. The solution captures data such as video frames and images from cameras or sensors.

Pre-processing. Next, it uses reprocessing to improve the quality of data through noise reduction, normalization, and resizing.

Extraction. Afterward, computer algorithms find relevant features in the information, such as textures, shapes, and patterns.

Image representation. Once this is done, a computer vision solution represents the image a machine can comprehend with numerical values or other data structures.

Model training. This information is then run through a machine-learning model that helps the software find particular patterns on objects.

Object recognition. After this process is over, the application can recognize and classify items found in the visual information.

Object detection. Finally, computer vision technology allows computers to locate objects in the feed, including their location and presence.

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4 Reasons to Choose Springs


Over the years, we’ve delivered more than 170 projects, including applications using computer vision to function for retail and medical purposes.


More than 90% of our customers become long-term clients, using our expertise to maintain and update existing solutions built with different types of AI tech.

Best Talent

Our developers offer 8+ years of experience and the latest advancements in the field of computer vision to create high-end solutions.


All computer vision products we deliver are highly scalable, allowing them to grow and improve alongside your business.

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Take your first step today and book a free consultation with our representatives. We will do everything possible to unlock new possibilities for your clients and business.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is computer vision?

It’s an area of artificial intelligence that allows computers to comprehend and interpret various types of visual data, including images and videos. Special algorithms help machines identify movement, objects, faces, texts, and other entities.

What’s the difference between machine learning and computer vision?

Machine learning refers to a larger subsection of AI that’s used in designing and developing algorithms that learn from data. Computer vision is a subdivision of ML that allows software products to comprehend and process visual information.

How much does it cost to get computer vision software development services?

The final price of making a CV product depends on several factors: the scope and complexity of the project, the number of programmers required to finish it, and the technology our engineers will use. In all cases, we strive to balance the price and quality of finished projects.

What’s the quality assurance process for your Computer Vision products?

At Springs, we use manual and automatic tests during all stages of the development process to ensure that the code is stable, bug-free, scalable, and up-to-date with the latest quality standards. Our programmers also conduct rigorous tests before deploying projects and provide post-release support.

What are the differences between image processing and computer vision?

With image processing, software products can edit images through sharpening, noise reduction, contrast adjustment, and other tools. Computer vision technology analyzes and understands image and video input through object and image recognition.

How do you adapt to different time zones?

While programmers working for our computer vision development company and clients can be in different locations, this issue is resolved during the initial talks. We try to find the best time slots to contact clients and discuss project progress when it's most suitable for the customer. Our programmers are also ready to give timely reports to keep them posted, even if engineers can’t make it to the next call.

Can you introduce CV into existing solutions?

Yes, we use APIs to introduce computer vision solutions to apps and systems your company has. As with all of our AI projects, Springs developers first need to take a look at the current state of these solutions and establish if they are suitable for computer vision software development services or if the project will be too pricey.

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