May 20, 2024

HR Software: features and options

According to Statista research by 2024 employment of SaaS solutions by HR departments for recruiting will raise to 81 percent in companies worldwide disregarding the operational scope.

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Serhii Uspenskyi

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The competition on the focus and labor markets made adoption HR software solutions one of the priority tasks on any company digital transformation plans. The modern business pace doesn’t allow leaving much time for the routine. All the efforts should be put into staff growth and retention.

From one-feature tools that can be integrated to the company website or ERP and complex workforce management systems including for mobile platforms, there is a vast selection of options that differ by pricing, requirements and a learning curve.

HR software types

Going through the variety of open-source or paid software solutions makes sense only when you have figured out goals, priorities and prepared your staff and workflow for the automation of the required automation tools.

It’s important to make sure that the integration process will go smoothly and won’t result in the overcomplication of the related employees’ workflow. Sometimes it’s better to combine a few solutions that will allow fulfilling particular needs fully that can be crucial for the whole department operational impact.

Nowadays HR software companies offer the following free, on-subscription basis and for-sale solutions as well as strategies for the custom development of:

Simple tooling

It can be easily found by its functionality or assigned for custom development. They commonly cover the following digital-era HR tasks:

HR tools

Job posting. Inform about the open positions in your company on the chosen platforms.

CV scanning. Define the appropriate candidates judging by the content of their resumes.

Job matching. Find the fitting CVs among numerous applications for the open vacancy.

E-mail building. Create templates for newsletters and notifications for updates.

These HR software examples are a good fit for small business: automation without excessive expenses.


Human Resources Management or Information (more analytics oriented) Systems are complex solutions that can embrace all department tasks. Among the top 5 HR software in this category are Namely, Zenefits and SAP SuccessFactors.

While some basics and payroll are usually included in the standard version multiple modules each of which is responsible for the certain aspect can be integrated and namely:

Recruitment. Covers all duties HR needs to perform to add a new member to the team.

Onboarding. Speeds up the role introduction and integration process for a new employee.

Performance. Monitors the workflow content and efficiency of each employee and staff.

Benefits. Administration of finance-related loyalty options including insurance and taxes.


Workforce. Manages and control task execution and forms reports including for ERP.

Attendance. Track office presence of employees and stay duration, shifts, and overtime.

Absence/leave. Maintains such requests and keeps their tack for on-demand review.

Learning. Gathers desired, required and accomplished trainings and available options.

Talent. Identifies candidates/employees with the potential for succession planning.

HR analytics. Form reports using readings of the chosen metrics during a certain period.

Any of these modules are also present on the market as independent HR software systems that can or can’t be integrated to am ERP or another management solution via API. However diverse ready options don’t always have the suitable for your needs functionality and can’t be easily put together and interact.

Therefore you can always opt for from-scratch development of the complete system or time-tracking tools, recruitment platforms, employee engagement solutions, etc.

HR software 2024: the way to go

The previous point raised another issue to solve: ready-made or custom software. The decision should be based on multiple factors and namely:

Needs and goals. Identify what, how and when has to be automated and achieved.

Market research. Gather and compare functionality options of available solutions.

Desire outline. Make up a list of could- and must-have software requirements.

Quote request. Contact custom development providers to get the approximate app cost.

Define budget. Set the amount you can spend on development or a subscription plan.

Mark deadlines. Establish dates you expect the delivery and integration completion.

Decision-making. Compare notes to find the best possible option for your business.

If in the sequence of your priorities compatibility with your long-term strategy is ahead of cutting operational expenses and you don’t have burning problems to resolve custom development of HRMS is your choice. The approach will allow taking advantage of HR software benefits as fully as possible within your company framework.

If you have never dealt with such solutions it can be hard to make the list of project requirements initially. You can handle the task by requesting from your in-house team or remote tech partner a discovery phase.

HR software 2020

You can also follow HR software trends, combine the best features from ready solutions and add unique ones dictated by your workflow specifics. To cover at least basic responsibilities the solution should comprise:

Personal Info Management. Maintain full employee’s profiles including sick leaves and vacations, PPF/EPF forms, requests/complaints, bonuses/fines, and other payroll-related info.

Job Opening Fulfilment. Gather all data concerning current vacancies that can be created by other departments and used for manual/auto posting on the chosen job platforms.

Application Record. Store the candidate’s resumes and contact info, their current stage in the recruitment process and all related optional documents including acceptance/rejection letters.

Documentation handling. Minimize the paperwork without jeopardizing the security of the documents keeping it in the appropriate format for editing or sharing.

Campaign running. If you do any long-term projects within the department you can ensure its proper management and analysis considering HR scope specifics.

Process organization. Promotions, terminations, etc. can be more easily gone through by following the established path that is supported by automated tasks.

HR Checklist. Form custom lists of daily activities and occasional reminders to ensure timely task execution and set a certain workflow framework.

Access maintenance. Define user types within the department and the whole company for each kind of database content and ensure internal and global security of stored data.

Using agile methodologies for the project development allows avoiding the necessity of the creation of the solid requirements initially and adding them gradually without harming the final product.

Scopes of Human Resources, as well as recruitment and staffing, have already proven its readiness for digital transformation. It results in the emergence of multiple innovative HR software startups that ensures the future for the field operation in the modern environment.

Customer retention is the key

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What are the most relevant factors to consider?

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Don’t overspend on growth marketing without good retention rates

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What’s the ideal customer retention rate?

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Next steps to increase your customer retention

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