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Our Testing and QA Services

At Springs, you’ll find the best quality assurance testers and professionals with extensive expertise that allows them to update existing software solutions and create tailored products for your business.

Mobile apps

Springs provides comprehensive quality assurance services and software testing for Android and iOS devices.

Web apps

We run regular tests to ensure that all web applications perform to their maximum capacity and leave no chance for error.

Desktop Apps

Our experts provide testing services for desktop apps, maintaining their processes, and providing performance reports.


Our application testing service also covers AI and ML products that connect various processes within your company.

Enterprise Software 

Springs experts offer comprehensive tests of CRMs, inventory management systems, and HR solutions.

SaaS Software 

We conduct functional, performance, compatibility, usability, and security tests for all delivered SaaS products.

Springs QA Expertise

E2E testing

At Springs, we run E2E tests that emulate how users work with applications. Our quality assurance testers follow the exact steps to assess if this process leads to the desired results.

Unit testing

Our QA engineers can test the smallest parts of applications and see if they work properly. This process is crucial during the development phase of applications.

Functional testing

Springs software testers establish if all software features work as described in the project documentation. It includes things like registration and checkout.

API testing

We also offer comprehensive API testing both as part of integration testing and directly. Our experts check if the API is secure, reliable, functional, and well-performing.

Performance testing

Our QA specialists check each product in terms of stability and responsiveness. Such tests show how fast an app is, its reliability, and its ability to work during peak workload.

Usability review

At Springs, you can hire QA engineers also check the quality of user experience when interacting with software products. They establish how easy it is to navigate and get results.

Code review

We do our best to provide the best quality of products through rigorous code reviews. Our software QA engineers comb it for errors and possible adjustments to ensure top performance.

Architecture review

Our engineers also offer detailed software architecture evaluation. It analyzes different aspects of the business, including functional requirements, performance issues, and security risks

Our Testing & QA Processes

Project documentation review and test plan creation. During this stage, Springs experts review the project documentation to check if it covers all features discussed with the client. Next, they create a test plan that details test objectives, criteria, environment, schedule, estimation, and variables.

Test case design and automated testing (by client request). At this step, our specialists devise an application testing strategy that explains test prerequisites, stages, postconditions, and expected results. We have automated tools that can be trained to perform these actions without the input of QA experts.

Test implementation. Once there’s a viable test strategy, our support experts run tests and provide detailed reports on any found defects. We adjust test cases and automated scripts, as well as provide clients with the results of interim tests.

Stabilization. After our developers address the issues, software QA engineers will verify this through additional tests. We implement regression testing to ensure that the fixes don’t cause more issues after being introduced into the product.

Delivery. During this stage, we determine how the application meets the demands of end users. Our experts also check if the tests are run and examined fast enough to meet client and user requirements.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What's the Difference Between QA Services and Testing?

QA (Quality Assurance) services encompass the entire software development lifecycle, focusing on process improvement and prevention of defects. Testing is a subset of QA, concentrating on identifying and fixing defects in the developed software.

How Can a QA Testing Company Help My Business?

A QA testing company ensures your software meets quality standards. They conduct rigorous testing, identify potential issues, and provide insights for continuous improvement, enhancing your product's reliability and user satisfaction.

What Tools and Frameworks Do You Use for QA and Software Testing?

We leverage a variety of industry-leading tools and frameworks tailored to your project needs. Some common ones include Selenium, Jira, Appium, and TestNG. Our approach is flexible, ensuring the best fit for your specific testing requirements.

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