April 3, 2024

How We Use ChatGPT For Small Business In Springs: First-Hand Experience

Find out how Springs employees work with Chat GPT in a business environment. We share our stories about using OpenAI’s platform in SM management, SEO optimization, and working on projects.

Written by
Serhii Uspenskyi

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Currently, around 49% of companies worldwide use ChatGPT for business to solve daily problems. Some of them use this technology directly or have it available on their online platforms. The AI engineers at Springs have already developed some of the GPT-based products too. We faced some challenges while working with ChatGPT, but we may proudly say that ChatGPT is a potent text generation platform we are all familiar with too.

While our team of expert programmers is intricately aware of the inner workings of this tool, they’re not the only ones to use it daily. Plenty of departments at Springs use the platform to fulfill their daily obligations and deliver tasks on time. Here are the most popular ChatGPT uses for business practice at Springs. Let’s dive deeper into them.

Content Creation

ChatGPT helps us a lot with content creation for different purposes. For example, if we need some internal documentation to be created quickly or some policy pages - it helps to save tons of time. For sure, we can’t use it to write a good Blog article, as we need deep research and expertise to make it useful for our readers. 

However, ChatGPT may be useful in terms of quick generation of some paragraphs when you want to express your idea or thoughts.

Sometimes, ChatGPT even helps us iron out content and improve it. We also use the AI chatbot for mundane tasks like making FAQ sections for different website pages. Moreover, this AI platform comes in handy in several other areas related to making materials. Let’s have a look.

  1. Social Media Management

On the most important fields where ChatGPT helps us immensely is running our social media channels. Springs content managers use it to create templates for short and engaging posts for our LinkedIn page. ChatGPT takes our existing content and turns it into SM-adjusted content. This saves time and effort in adapting articles to social media and providing their key points readers can explore in the complete materials.

The tool can transform anything from page descriptions to blog posts into short-format content. We try to use ChatGPT functions whenever necessary to give our clients machine translations of posted content. Of course, we don’t post as much as we would like, but when we do, ChatGPT is always there to help us out.

So, in terms of SMM - ChatGPT is like a daily helper that makes your life easier.

  1. SEO Optimization

Another powerful point when we use the features of ChatGPT is its ability to make content using the right keywords. It’s astonishing how fast this tool can weave articles and research papers with a few SEO parameters. In addition to keywords, ChatGPT helps work on the semantic core and makes sense of different SEO techniques.

Of course, we don’t let the tool do all the work as honestly it can’t be done with a good quality without a human. Combining our content for factual accuracy is crucial and makes it sound more natural. Despite this additional work, this tool allows some of our articles to reach top results in Google search. With that said, having ChatGPT, and especially its latest models, on hand is cost-effective in all regards. We recommend all businesses use it to get the first page of search engines, as Chat GPT in business is a really powerful tool.

  1. Writing Emails

Writing emails is always a tough one thing to do and many companies suffer from finding a great template to use for emailing. With the release of ChatGPT, the dreams come true for all overthinkers, allowing them to get started and send emails. We often use the platform’s text-generation capabilities to draft emails. 

This practice also helps us quickly respond to client inquiries in Springs’ mailbox. The faster we respond, the faster our potential customers can get the information they need and decide whether or not they wish to get AI development services from us.

Overall, ChatGPT-4 serves as a great tool for drafting emails or email templates for the business purposes.

  1. Machine Translation

Even though almost the whole our staff are proficient in English, the same can’t be said about all of our clients. They come from everywhere and can have trouble communicating with our representatives. It’s not uncommon for them to contact us in Chinese, Arabic, or Portuguese as they’re more comfortable using their native language. And there is place where artificial intelligence helps a lot.

ChatGPT helps us communicate with them efficiently, thanks to its excellent cross-language knowledge. While different time zones are something we have to adjust to, the same can’t be said about the language barrier. I can’t think of a single instance when we had trouble understanding the client or vice versa.

Our personal chatbot IONI based on GPT-4 may handle almost any task mentioned above within just a short timeframe.

  1. Make The Text Excel-Friendly

Articles, letters, and social media posts aren’t the only content we work with on the ongoing basis. Part of our work involves making summaries and formation text to integrate it into Excel sheets. 

ChatGPT speeds up this process by adapting the content of various documents. Additionally, our programmers use the chatbot to create library, project, and API documentation instead of doing this manually. So, in this way ChatGPT helps not only managers but it is a great tool for the development and delivery team too.

Explaining Difficult Concepts

While content creation is an excellent strength of ChatGPT, it’s not the only feature at its disposal. One of the main selling points of the platform is how well it can explain complex issues. In our cases, the chatbot frequently helps us better understand the various notions and components associated with artificial intelligence and machine learning.

Of course, we may find plenty of information about these things in the Google or somewhere else. But why shall we spend 10-15 minutes watching long explanations in YouTube videos or roaming through Wikipedia when the platform achieves the same in minutes? I assure you that this AI helper can explain everything, from computer vision intricacies to the differences in using NodeJS and Python to create AI solutions.

ChatGPT works really well in terms of explanation of the tough information so it becomes a significant assistant in our daily routine.

Helping With HR Work

In addition to suppor of Springs employees with understanding of complex concepts, ChatGPT helps run our company’s HR department. For example, it can be really helpful when we need to make compelling job descriptions to fit recommendations of different employment platforms, such as Slack, LinkedIn or Djinni.

The chatbot is also an indispensable tool for handling documentation on new hires and promoting or firing employees. Our team also uses ChatGPT to create internal announcements, memos, and other communication materials. They even make onboarding and training materials easier for new employees to adjust to Spring’s work routine.

During our daily operations, ChatGPT aids us in making performance review templates managers use to assess and discuss employee performance. And, even if we part ways with someone, the platform helps our HR department interview departing employees to gather feedback that will help our company improve and make changes.

Conducting Market Research

The current programming market is a jungle, so companies must use every angle to stay ahead. At Springs, we use ChatGPT to conduct in-depth market research for everything related to AI and ML development. There are several ways the chatbot helps us conduct market research.

Springs specialists utilize OpenAI’s tool to conduct trend analysis in the industry. The chatbot does this by scanning relevant reports, articles, and news. This helps our company stay informed about the latest findings in the AI field.

Additionally, we use ChatGPT’s magic to see what our competitors are up to. The tool helps us know the kinds of service they provide, helping Springs marketing team to make some strategic decisions. Access to this information helps us better decide which services to advertise and which technologies to focus on to get the most clients.

Overall, ChatGPT helps us a lot in many business automation processes. We may honestly say that this tool has already changed our business for the better.

Tips For Using ChatGPT For A Business

Finally, we want to share our personal experience with you and give some tips for using chat gpt in business.

At Springs, we’ve found many ways to use this advanced chatbot to streamline various internal processes and make our lives easier. We believe that in 2024 all businesses and startups should take advantage of the various features presented by ChatGPT. Here are the best tips they can use to make this experience more fun and productive.

  1. Provide clear objectives. A company should have a clear goal about why it wishes to use ChatGPT. It can be used for HR-related tasks, SM management, content creation, or other purposes.
  1. Write clear instructions. Companies should carefully work on the instructions provided to ChatGPT. Provide clear descriptions regarding the context, format, tone of voice, and other details the answers must contain.
  1. Experiment with prompts. Companies can experiment with the phrasing of prompts to get better results from OpenAI’s solution. These constant adjustments will ensure that ChatGPT will produce more accurate results with each conversation.
  1. Review the output. Always remember to check and review the information provided by ChatGPT. While the tool is powerful, it doesn’t always provide accurate results. Adjusting the text to your company and brand image is equally important.
  1. Check the sensitive information. Companies shouldn’t be too reckless and disclose private data with the chatbot, especially when using its API version. This practice will help them avoid privacy and security risks.
  1. Train your team members. If you wish employees to work with ChatGPT, ensure they’re trained to follow the best guidelines and practices. It would be really great if your staff know how to work with LLMs, LVMs, and other tools. People should be aware of the tool's limitations to utilize it properly.
  1. Rely on the human expertise. Finally, it’s important to remember that OpenAI’s solution is merely a helper in a company’s daily operations. When sensitivity and nuance are involved, you must still rely on human experience and knowledge.

We hope you’ve found our story of working with ChatGPT exciting and insightful. Springs is just one of the many companies that have discovered the benefits of this chatbot. Check it out today and see how it will transform your business in ways you never thought possible!

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