December 7, 2023

Best Progressive Web Apps in 2024

Let’s review new releases to discover how technology is changing various business scopes.

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Serhii Uspenskyi

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Progressive web apps are the fusion of web and mobile experience that is bringing both to another level. Such solutions resolve the core problems users face with Internet browsing, app installation and usage on Android and iOS devices which are:

Connection reliability. Despite that network coverage grows every year, its stability is still questionable. That why scrolling web pages can’t be unlimited.

Space insufficiency. The lack of memory on gadgets can stay on the way of downloading desired apps as well as their flawless performance.

Slow running. Browsers and applications not always cooperate great with all devices especially ones that already passed their best days.

Appeared in the modern form in 2015 progressive web apps features helped them to take over gradually from “the cake” intended for mobile websites and applications. Over the years the technology is proven to be:

Reliable and responsive. No dependency from connection, device size or hardware characteristics to provide a quality experience for each user.

Fast and fresh. Constantly up-to-date that’s why all appeared issues fixed promptly and almost unnoticeable for users that provide them smooth running sessions.

Engaging and efficient. Users don’t have to break walls concerning sign-up, memory, security or other issues to get a required tool on their Home screen. It extremely raises the bar of customer engagement within the same native app experience.

PWA success is provided by its loading specifics. Initially, they load through service workers - tools, generally written in JavaScript and mostly similar to a client-side proxy. It diminishes the average process time for the majority of mobile apps that’s no less than 3 sec. They also give developers control of the cache data and clarify them responds to resource requests to improve regularly user experience.

Users sometimes can’t even realize that some icons on their devices are applications classified as progressive web due to app-like interactions. They are easy-to-install offer an efficient full-screen experience at a given interval, supported by a process known as Web App Manifest. It helps to control how such apps appear, launch and operate within the given OS.

PWA installation example

Additionally, they are customizable in the selection of a landing page when the app is opened and screen navigation among other features. Because of advantages proven by progressive web apps statistics concerning performance and digital marketing the technology quickly found application in such fields as e-commerce, hospitality, and media that always looking for ways to get closer to their customers.

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Progressive web apps examples starring in 2024

The progressive web apps list has already gained many new clauses in 2024. Many new scopes decided to have a slice of PWA pie following the leading companies. Check out the most popular PWA solution of this year and you may even find out how this technology can bring positive changes into your business.


Starbucks is more than a name but an experience for all of those who have tasted its products and services. But even they needed to create a platform that gives users the ease of access in modern business conditions.

Starbucks PWA

A friendly interface and the opportunity to feel the atmosphere of the favorite coffee shop while you’re still on the way to it. The PWA created for Starbucks gave customers the ability to browse the menu, create and customize their orders, add items to a shopping cart, find out their availability in stores, etc. even without having the Internet connection. An online session doesn’t have long page loadings regardless of the network service quality and enables a checkout option.

Since changing iOS politics Apple users can also enjoy the benefits that are open to Starbucks app users. And the key one is the capability to install the application even with the limited space on the smartphone. Opting for PWA has given the company sales boost up to double the average orders they get on a daily basis.

Real estate is one of the most booming industries across the globe. So it is no surprise that its representatives keep the finger on the pulse and contribute to the digital transformation of the field. is one of Indian online real estate platform that rakes in over 50 million organic visits per year. They admitted that slow loading time of previous apps and wide usage of 2g/3g networks as well as old portable devices resulted in worsening of mobile conversions. PWA

Therefore to give better browsing experience the company also implemented a progressive web apps mobile solution. It diminishes the flaws of user devices including low storage space and allows for productive time on the service website. With an increase of almost 40 percent conversion rate, has no doubt they’ve made the right choice.


Digital transformation in retail speeds up and more and more brands not only focus on online commerce but also looking for ways to improve the virtual experience for their customers.

The global luxury beauty brand discovered progressive web apps for eCommerce and realized that it’s what they need to boost customer engagement in the highest competition conditions. Thoughtful and corresponding with the brand concept UX resulted in a 17-percent raise of mobile revenue.

Lancôme PWA

It also attracted more users of Apple devices and increased conversion rates by 8 percent on recovered carts thanks to the basic feature of progressive web apps - push notifications.


Print media gradually but already becoming just a part of history. The informational flow requires new speed and unlimited access to readers for efficient influence.

The owners of popular online digest of social media, worldwide news and quality published materials from other website understood that the chosen magazine format needed uninterrupted browsing to stay in the game within other information portals.

Flipboard PWA

Despite that Flipboard also is available in the form of a native application PWA isn’t just a step to follow technology trends. It allowed widening the auditorium even more thanks to the faster resource performance and an installable and smaller-sized app alternative that not require App- or Google Store for distribution.

Sure, that’s not the full list of top PWA solutions. The year is still on and more and more companies and even industries turn their attention to the technology and opt for progressive web apps development instead of sticking to classical website mobile optimization and native apps.

Customer engagement boost, easier and less expensive implementation for native-app experience are just a few pros that are in a cart of any company that has chosen the PWA road. Such things are never redundant regardless of business size model and budget.

Customer retention is the key

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Don’t overspend on growth marketing without good retention rates

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What’s the ideal customer retention rate?

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Next steps to increase your customer retention

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