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We empower education providers with innovative solutions that allow them to give high-quality learning and leave competitors in the dust.

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Our Education Software Development Services

At Springs, we believe that education should be available to everyone. The latest technological developments make this possible for all organizations striving to transform the learning process for all parties.

Custom AI EdTech Development

Our Custom LMS Development service designs and builds tailored Learning Management Systems to meet the unique needs of organizations, providing a seamless, engaging, and efficient platform for training and education that enhances learning outcomes and supports strategic goals.

Custom LMS Development

We design and build tailored Learning Management Systems (LMS) to meet the unique needs of organizations. Our service provides a seamless, engaging, and efficient platform for training and education, enhancing learning outcomes and supporting strategic goals.

Conversational AI For Education

Our AI bots offer personalized learning support, interactive tutoring, and instant assistance. With 24/7 accessibility and adaptive learning capabilities, they enhance engagement and improve outcomes, ensuring every learner gets the attention and resources they need to succeed.

Custom EdTech Software For

Corporate Learning

Our solutions are designed to provide personalized training, real-time assessments, and performance analytics, ensuring continuous skill development and improved organizational efficiency. 

Self Education

We build platforms that support individual learning paths with adaptive content, interactive modules, and smart recommendations. Learners can progress at their own pace, enjoying a personalized and engaging educational experience.

Academic Learning

We offer solutions that feature virtual classrooms, personalized feedback, and real-time collaboration, making learning more engaging and effective. 

  • AI-powered solutions
  • Integrations (with CRMs, social media etc)
  • Skills assessment tools
  • Data analytics and reports dashboards
  • Content creation and authoring
  • Gamification and interactivity
  • Multilingual and content translation

Greatest EdTech Challenges

Currently, the e-learning industry faces a number of challenges. At Springs, we believe artificial intelligence has the power and versatility to deal with them successfully.

High competition

Problem - Educational institutions and platforms face fierce and intense competition with each other.

Solution - AI has the potential to break the stalemate and give providers an edge over their competitors.

Student retention

Problem - Maintaining interest in education is challenging due to the constant stream of content people face.

Solution - AI makes learning engaging by using diverse content types (text, image, video, audio) to create a unique learning experience.

Poor user engagement

Problem - Many students abandon or struggle through online courses, leading to low engagement rates.

Solution - AI can promptly address slow progress and provide engaging content for all students.

Springs Development Process

We help all education provider improve their ed-tech solutions through the power of AI and ML technologies. Our engineers use the same step-by-step approach utilized at top e-learning software development companies, whether you’re an institution, an educational platform, or a business seeking to upskill employees.

Analyzing current solutions. Before we do any work, our analytics evaluate the current state of EdTech products used at the organization. This evaluation helps them find areas that will benefit the most from AI integration.

Establishing how AI can improve them. Once our representatives take a thorough look at current e-learning solutions used by prospective clients, they make a list of processes and applications that can be imbued with the power of artificial intelligence.

Training models with study data. Afterward, Springs experts use student data and educational content to train models that will be used in future AI solutions.

Testing and quality assurance. Once the initial information is there, our engineers will hold a series of tests, ensuring that the solution works as promised and provides high-quality education to all students.

Release and post-release support. After we’ve ensured that everything works fine, Springs programmers will deliver the end product with the power of AI. They will also apply post-launch updates, making the software follow the latest trends in the fields of artificial intelligence.

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Springs offers a transparent approach to all clients, providing detailed reports about the state of projects, showing how fast they're moving towards completion.


Our engineers have over 8 years of experience in programming solutions with the power of AI and ML, resulting in hundreds of satisfied clients.

Client-Oriented Approach

We understand that each client is an individual with their preferences and requirements, resulting in hand-crafted products across the board.


Each EdTech AI solution has the right architecture, which makes adding and adjusting features as easy as pie, negating the need to invest in new solutions.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is EdTech software?

This term refers to applications that are used by teachers and learners to run online courses. It can be developed by companies or organizations or by custom EdTech software companies that provide such services. These solutions allow managing students, tracking progress, and providing training content, to name a few. Some of the best examples of this software include DuoLingo, Google Classroom, and Coursera.

Which benefits does custom EdTech software bring to the table?

Working with this type of solution automates many processes, such as management, administrative tasks, grading, and content creation. Having AI in EdTech leads to education providers spending less time and resources on various mundane tasks without damaging the quality of learning.

How do EdTech AI solutions understand how to evaluate student progress?

These criteria are programmed based on the requirements and training data. Large language models used in making EdTech AI solutions can be updated with new information, ensuring students get the best quality of education in various fields. With our education software development services you can seamlessly integrate these products with the power of AI.

How are solutions using AI different from regular e-learning apps?

In short, EdTech AI solutions constantly learn from past experiences, unlike non-AI applications. They can adapt to individual learners instead of giving all of them the same learning content. This approach improves their chances of mastering courses or working with new products and systems.

What are the costs of implementing AI-based EdTech for an education provider?

All e-learning software development companies have their price calculations for this service. They include the costs for developing AI models, the complexity of data infrastructure, hardware costs, and whether you’ll require further maintenance and updates. It’s also important to consider the costs of scaling the software.

Should I build custom EdTech software or choose boxed solutions?

Choosing between custom EdTech software and boxed solutions depends on your needs. Custom edtech software development offers tailored features, scalability, and seamless integration, providing a perfect fit for your unique requirements, though it may come with a higher initial cost. Boxed solutions are more affordable and quicker to deploy but might lack the flexibility and specific features you need.

What should I consider when choosing an e-learning software development company?

When choosing an e-learning software development company, consider their experience, customization capabilities, and ability to integrate with your existing systems. Additionally, ensure they offer reliable support and maintenance, and review client testimonials and case studies to gauge their reliability and success.

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