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We help to launch products as we do ourselves

Springs was always about creating software products. And we are ready to share this experience with you, consulting in lean startup methodology and helping to save costs on software development.

Full-cycle startup help


Our partners can help you to find seed stage cash from Venture Capital or European Commission funding.


Get all the benefits from our lean startup experience and have motivated team that will guide you with proper software development decisions.


Our trusted marketing agencies from Europe, USA or UAE are ready to help you reaching your audience in the most affordable way.

Smart MVP development

Instead of developing software by existing requirements, we actually create these requirements with you . Our idea is to help founders to determine proper scope, approved by our advisors and the development team.

Work with developers as a solid team, focused on most important - bringing the best user experience to your customers for minimal time and cost.

Benefits of our approach


Reduce development costs, making product effective & simple. Our experts will help you to keep estimated hours minimal having all required features in plan.


Fixed budget for MVP development, even if the scope is not determined. Focus on business, not on budget calculations.


Result-oriented team, focused on delivering scalable and maintainable product for minimal time. The guys are motivated to say "I have better idea" to achieve results faster.


Long-term partnership. Your development team is able to join you as fulltime employees on later stages as a core dev team. We know how is it important for startups.

How it works


Discovery phase

Our production team helps you to define requirement for MVP. We research existing solutions, design, prototype, discuss and analyse to be sure we are building something workable, cost-effective and problem-solving.


Budget planning

While we are getting more defined requirements and managing risks, we can make exact evaluation for the required scope and calculate budget based on our framework. So you can plan your resources properly.


Development phase

Scrum-based development approach with constant review iterations lets you to be sure you're on the right track. Development team is motivated to complete workable MVP as fast as possible by real money bonuses.


Maintenance & upgrades

Continuous integration & deployment, QA automation, proper development time allocation - all these will keep your product stable & available for customers while you’re adding new features to grow.

Free consultation

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