Our Approach

We help to launch products as we do ourselves.

Full-cycle Startup Help

Whether you're looking to develop a mobile app from scratch or already have a fully conceptualized idea for a web application, we have the expertise to manage every phase of the app development process.


We are glad to help you with your business discovery and analysis before moving to the design or development.


Get all the benefits from our lean startup experience and motivated team that will guide you with proper decisions.

Go to Market

Based on our deep expertise in startup launches we will be glad to help you in finding the best options to go on market.

Smart MVP Development

Instead of developing software by existing requirements, we actually create these requirements with you. We help founders to determine proper scope and approve it together.

Work with developers as a solid team, focused on most important - bringing the best user experience to your customers for minimal time and cost.

How It Works


We specify all product requirements for MVP and later stages, design UI & UX, and create SRS together.


We prepare evaluation for the agreed scope and calculate budget so you can plan your resources properly.


We use scrum-based approach with constant review iterations making sure together we are on the right track.


Continuous integration,  deployment & auto-testing will keep your product stable, and always available.

Let's Discuss Your Project Idea?

Take your first step today and book a free consultation with our representatives. We will do everything possible to unlock new possibilities for your clients and business.

Benefits of Our Approach

Reduce Development Costs

Making product effective & simple. Our experts will help you to keep estimated hours minimal having all required features in plan.

Result-Oriented Team

We focus on delivering scalable and maintainable product for minimal time. The guys are motivated to say "I have better idea" to achieve results faster.

Planned Budget

We try to plan your budget for the development even if the scope is not determined. Focus on business, not on budget calculations.

Long-term Partnership

Our development team is able to support you after launch on later stages as a core dev team. We know how is it important for startups.