AI Decision Maker

Google Chrome browser extension designed to streamline the user's selection process among various products within the same category, enhancing the overall ease of decision-making.


  • Client: AI Startup
  • Industry: eCommerce
  • Location: Saudi Arabia
  • Team: React Developer, ML Developer, Backend Developer, Project Manager, QA Engineer
  • Timeline: 3 months for MVP
  • Services: AWS, OpenAI's ChatGPT
  • Tech Stack: ReactJS, Antdesign, Node.js, Express.js, PostgreSQL, Sequelize, ChromaDB
  • Problem: Make it easier for the user to choose between different products of the same type.
  • Product: Extension for the Google Chrome browser that is integrated with chatGPT.
  • Result: The product helped our client test his hypothesis and understand that AI technologies can be useful in commercial use, but at the same time, the user may not be an advanced AI user.


Our client approached us with a strategic vision to enhance the user experience within the e-commerce domain. Specifically, they identified a common challenge faced by online shoppers: the overwhelming abundance of product options within the same category. In response to this, our team was tasked with developing a Google Chrome browser extension seamlessly integrated with ChatGPT, aimed at simplifying the decision-making process for users when confronted with various products of a similar nature.

The overarching goal was to empower users to make informed choices effortlessly. By leveraging the capabilities of ChatGPT, the extension would provide valuable insights, comparisons, and recommendations tailored to individual preferences. The intent was not merely to create a technological tool but to fundamentally transform the way users navigate and decide on product selections, turning the often complex and time-consuming process into a streamlined and user-friendly experience.

The strategic objective of this project was to position our client as a leader in facilitating a more intelligent and user-centric online shopping journey. The envisioned extension would not only provide practical solutions to immediate challenges but also establish a foundation for continued innovation in the intersection of artificial intelligence and e-commerce, thereby enhancing the overall value proposition for end-users in the highly competitive online marketplace.


Our team embarked on a project that aimed to revolutionize the way users navigate and evaluate information within the vast landscape of online search results. At its core, the extension was designed to seamlessly integrate into the user's browsing experience, enhancing their ability to make informed decisions based on a comprehensive analysis of search query results. This innovative approach involved not just providing a list of results but incorporating a sophisticated rating system that distilled the essence of each site based on user relevance.

The core value proposition lies in the extension's ability to generate a comprehensive rating system for websites, distilling complex information into a user-friendly format. This empowers users to make quick and informed decisions by providing them with a top list format of results tailored to their search queries. This not only saves valuable time but also enhances the overall user experience by eliminating the need for exhaustive manual assessments.

Functional Overview:

1. User Query Analysis

The extension seamlessly integrates with the user's search queries on the Google search page, employing advanced algorithms to comprehend and interpret the user's intent effectively.

2. Dynamic Content Scraping

Leveraging cutting-edge web scraping techniques, the extension retrieves and analyzes content from Google Search results, ensuring real-time and accurate data acquisition.

3. Results Date Extraction

The extension goes beyond surface-level information by extracting and organizing results dates, providing users with valuable insights into the recency of the displayed content.

4. List Creation for Comparative Analysis

The system intelligently assembles a comprehensive list of items based on summarization techniques and content filtration (using LLM), laying the foundation for a meticulous comparative analysis.

5. Dynamic Ratings Calculation

Employing a robust rating algorithm, the extension calculates dynamic ratings for the identified items, offering users a quantifiable measure for informed decision-making.

6. Visual Presentation as Chart

The extension translates complex data into an accessible visual format, presenting the calculated ratings in an easy-to-understand chart. This visual representation enhances user comprehension and aids in swift decision-making.

7. Detailed Textual Display

For a deeper understanding, the extension provides users with the option to delve into detailed summaries for the top three positions in the list. This feature enriches the user experience, offering comprehensive information for a more informed choice.

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Browser extension marks a significant leap forward in the realm of online information evaluation. By seamlessly integrating with ChatGPT, it not only streamlines the process of choosing between similar products but also empowers users with a robust mechanism for site analysis. The extension's innovative approach to presenting website ratings in a user-friendly top list format, coupled with the ability to access detailed summaries for the top-ranking sites, positions it as a game-changer in enhancing user decision-making. As the extension continues to evolve and expand its capabilities, it stands as a testament to our commitment to delivering cutting-edge solutions that simplify and enrich the online experience for users across diverse domains.


Our collaboration with the client centered around validating a hypothesis regarding the practical utility of AI technologies in commercial applications. Through the development of the product, we provided a platform that allowed the client to rigorously test and analyze the effectiveness of AI solutions in a real-world context.

The insights gained from the product not only confirmed the viability of integrating AI technologies into commercial use but also unearthed a critical realization - that users need not be advanced AI experts to harness the benefits of such technologies. This revelation opened up new avenues for democratizing access to AI solutions, making them more inclusive and user-friendly for a broader audience.

Furthermore, as a result of this successful experiment and the identified market potential, the client has set sights on transforming the project into a startup geared towards generating a return on investment (ROI). The intention to launch a startup underscores confidence in the product's ability to address real-world needs and the recognition of its potential value in the broader market. This transition from hypothesis testing to entrepreneurial pursuits signifies a significant milestone in the project's journey, with the product serving as a catalyst for innovative business ventures.

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